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A mysterious update is delivered OTA to several owners of Pixel 2

A small group of owners of Pixel 2 was surprised to receive a second unexpected update this month. The new files weighed 41.8MB and corrected critical errors while improving the performance and stability of the model. The new build number was revised to OPM2.171019.016, which does not match the number seen on the Factory Images for Pixel 2 page. To go deeper into the mystery, Google did not issue a detailed change list for the update.

Google MO with Pixel has been disseminating an update every month that brings the latest Android security patch to the device, along with any bug fixes. There are reports from the owners of Pixel 2 that installed the update, that an error has been removed that prevented the Google Assistant from playing music stored on the phone. Another said that he can now use Google Home to mix his music library after installing the update, which keeps Android 8.1 and the level of security patch for January on the phone.

We hope to get a comment from Google, and if there is a word from Mountain View, you can be sure that we will transmit it to you as soon as we hear something.

source: Reddit

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