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A murderous cop is using the lies of Jeff Sessions as a criminal defense


Michelle Mark, writing in Business Insider, points out that Slager's defense is "something of a mockery of the Department of Justice" charged with handling his prosecution. Every time DOJ officials "call Slager a liar, they could risk appearing to call Sessions, the head of their department, a liar."

While the Trump administration speaks at the same time on the side of its mouth about its commitment to "law" and order, "it has become so famous for its bald lies that criminals now can almost challenge their own fabricated stories A top-down system of liars, led by a president who cheats every time his lips move, creates an environment where the very concept of truth is dark and elusive, so horrible that the DOJ is being transformed by Sessions. et al to achieve their own anti-black and brown political and ideological agenda The dedication of the Trump campaign to establishing its own alternative truth has genuinely frightening implications for the future, and even less hope for justice, particularly for those already marginalized.

"Like Sessions, Slager never lied to or cheated on anyone," defense attorneys at court archives point out. "Like Sessions, the s questions that were asked. When he had his memory updated, he added the renewed memory to his testimony. When he did not remember certain elements, it can be attributed to the stress or chaos of the event during which the memory should have formed. "

The documents include examples of Sessions' sworn testimony about the times when he supposedly missed his memory," said defense attorneys, "showing how much Slager and Sessions have in common." Basically, I'm paraphrasing, two lying peas and racist in a capsule. "The text … [is] particularly appropriate to describe the imperfections of memory," the court documents state, "and, in fact, could have been uttered by Slager himself"

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