A "mad blow" from the Memorial Cup went viral. Now listen to the Halifax Mooseheads player who got the worst part.

HALIFAX: is the blow that the hockey world can not fail to see.

During the opening of the Memorial Cup on Friday night at the Scotiabank Center, Halifax Mooseheads forward Keith Getson advanced at the checkpoint and collided with Prince Albert Raiders' defender Max Martin.

Getson, a 21-year-old from Bridgewater, N.S., received the worst of the blow when he flew off his face against the boards. Martin was also nailed and fell facing the ice, but with much less impact.

Both players got up immediately, with Getson skating again in the game almost as if it were another day in the office.

The highlight-reel check has since become an internet sensation. Barstool Sports posted it on their Twitter account on Friday night and now has more than 2.4 million views.

A YouTube summary of success through Sportsnet? Another 100,000 page views, and counting.

"I've seen it several times on video, it's a pretty crazy success," Getson said in an interview on Monday morning, his face does not look worse because of the wear and tear.

"It was a good blow, hitting is still part of the game, it was a good way to start the tournament."

It has been speculated that Getson lost the teeth by the blow, better known in the world of hockey as Chiclets, but let it be known that all the teeth remain intact.

"People keep asking:" How did you not hurt yourself for that? "And I tell people that the only thing that really hurt me was my nose because my helmet came up, my viewfinder and my nose is the only thing that hit the glbad, that's the only thing that bothered me. "

Watch as Max Martin sends Keith Getson flying towards the boards with a savage blow to start the action of the Memorial Cup.

For their part, Getson's teammates are enjoying the attention that the coup is receiving.

"It's everywhere," said Mooseheads striker Samuel Asselin. "He does not even know himself (how it happened) He went to hit the guy and flew out afterwards, I have to admit we've seen him a couple of times."

Philip Croucher is a reporter and head of the flagship office based in Halifax. Follow him on Twitter: @philip_croucher

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