A longtime Elon Musk critic has a strong message for investors who wager against Tesla

‘Betting Elon Musk is one thing, but betting against him is another. The man specializes in pulling rabbits from a hat. ‘

That Carson Block, the short-seller behind Muddy Waters Capital, is talking in the podcast this week with Bloomberg’s Tracy Essay and Joe Weissenthal about the iffy possibilities of taking a short position at Tesla TSLA,
In front of the stock rally.

“I haven’t lowered the stock, thank God,” he said. “We used to make fun of the Tesla that, when it files for bankruptcy, would probably have a market cap of $ 30 billion. Reduce it at your own risk. I will not do that. “

Yes, that’s a good thing, given how Tesla has fared recently.

According to Bloomberg News data, other investors have not stopped other investors with their small bets.

Block, who called Musk “a fundamentally dishonest person … who has done some incredible things,” has nabbed Tesla first, bought the company’s convertible bonds, and then paid coupons for opting to put long-term options on the stock Have used. However, he is now completely out.

Here is a snippet from a recent interview:

Click here for the full, hour-long interview.

Tesla shares were dragged on Thursday with the rest of the market, as the Dow DJIA,
, S&P SPX,
And Nasdaq Comp,
All were stuck in red.