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A legislator beaten in the arm by a male colleague fears that he will no longer be seen as heterosexual

A conservative lawmaker in Pennsylvania really needs everyone to know that he is definitely completely heterosexual after being briefly touched by a male colleague.

The strong verbal reaction came from Republican Rep. Daryl Metcalfe of Butler County during a Tuesday meeting of the House committee he chairs, Philly.com reported. During the meeting, Democrat State Representative Matt Bradford of Montgomery County was discussing a bill on land use when he gently (and very briefly) laid a hand on Metcalfe's arm.

"Representative Bradford," Metcalfe said after being touched. "Look, I'm straight, I have a wife, I love my wife, I do not like men, as is possible, but stop touching me all the time."

Surprised by the reaction, Bradford began to laugh, just like several of his colleagues.

"At first I was surprised, you could have taken me down with a feather," Bradford told HuffPost. "Then he came down in a rather nasty tirade."

Metcalfe continued: "It's like, keep your hands to yourself, for example, if you want to touch someone, you have people on your side of the aisle who might like it, not me."

Bradford gave up his time to talk about the bill after the outbreak and said: "I do not know where we're going from here."

The anti-homologous opinions of Metcalfe are not a secret. In 2013, he invoked a legislative rule to prevent Democratic Rep. Brian Sims, openly homosexual, from speaking of the ruling of the Supreme Court's homosexual marriage, because Sims's words would have been "an open rebellion against Almighty God and the word of God." . This year, Metcalfe complained that Sims had called him a "racist and ignorant intolerant." He published a video about the incident entitled "The intolerant left".

Bradford said that he and Sims laughed at Metcalfe's most recent comments.

"I'm like the suburban Dem, with a wife and four children," Bradford said. "It's not that [my sexuality] amount, but [Sims] and I laughed at that."

Bradford described Metcalfe's comments as "hateful and homophobic." Metcalfe could not be contacted immediately for comment.

"I think Everything says a lot about the gentleman," Bradford said.

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