A large crowd demonstrates in front of the Denver cafeteria after a notice offends members of the community


DENVER – Community members at Five Points sent a strong message on Saturday, days after an ad infuriated neighbors for coming to celebrate gentrification.

The hundreds of protesters, who stood in front of the ink! Coffee at 29th and Larimer urged people to boycott the business after their decision to place a sign that said "Happily gentrify the neighborhood since 2014."

This provoked the indignation of people who felt expelled from the five points by gentrification and the higher cost of living brings with it.

Ink, along with the advertising agency he hired, apologized. But those apologies were not enough for the residents in the area.

"The apology is not enough because it should not have happened in the first place," said protester Catherine Whitworth.

What started as a controversy over a sign has now led to what the protesters believe is a bigger problem; the developers moved and took over the neighborhood in which they grew up.

"They are being expelled, the cost of everything is going up," Whitworth said.

Lisa Calderon, co-chair of the Colorado Latino Forum, had a message for elected officials.

"They have failed us," he said to the large crowd. "When it comes to economic opportunities for this neighborhood, you have failed us … You have left us behind"


In photos: Great crowd protests over the ink! Cafeteria after the outrage & # 39; joke & # 39; gentrification

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