A Hong Kong real estate tycoon wants to build a new city in Ireland

Hong Kong residents who have fled their homes amidst China’s tension may soon find a new place to settle in the Irish country.

Evan Ko, founder of Charter City Investment Company Victoria Harbor Group, chalked out plans to build a new city after Hong Kong for residents of the house near Dublin’s airport. The new city of Coe, which he called The Guardian, will be called Nextapolis, which will house 50,000 former Hong Kong residents in a 50-square kilometer (31.07 sq mi) site located between Dublin and Belfast, along with Cantonese-speaking schools.

“We like Ireland,” Ko told Rory Carroll of The Guardian. “Corporate taxes are very low. You have very strong manufacturing and biomedical companies. The major tech giants have European headquarters. Overall we think Ireland is very good.”

Ko originally planned for the 500,000-person Nextapolis, which would be semi-autonomous, like their native Hong Kong, but removed that aspect of the plan after consulting with the Irish government in December 2019. A spokesman for the Irish State Department told The Guardian that Irish authorities had “limited contact with CoA’s team to provide helpful and realistic guidance about Ireland.”

Hong Kong is facing an uncertain future

Hong Kong protests

On October 6, 2019, pro-democracy protesters set fire to a demonstration in Causeway Bay district in Hong Kong, China.

Anthony Cowan / Getty Images

Business Insider has already reported that unrest has spread to Hong Kong due to a large-scale contradiction in March 2019, and was subsequently manipulated to protest new national security laws, Business Insider previously reported. Citizens are expected to move out in large numbers as China has tightened its grip on the one-time British colony in connection with condemnation from the West.

Both the UK and Australia have made special immigration provisions for Hong Kong residents, which according to Fox News are relocating, and the proposed location of Nextapolis allows immigrants to live in Belfast and take advantage of UK citizenship for select Hong Kongers Will give.

“We are in search of freedom and democracy, similar to the pilgrims and purists who have left Europe in search of religious freedom,” Ko said on his podcast, describing the project, according to The Guardian.

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