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Christopher Schwarzenegger is ‘ready to take better care of himself’ after living a college lifestyle.

After graduating from the University of Michigan this year, Christopher Schwarzenegger Was ready to make a change. Youngest son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, 72, and Maria Shriver, 64, has apparently been exercising for some time and eating healthily, and the results are truly impressive. A source close to the Schwarzenegger family reported, “He made it his goal to be healthy for graduation and he clung to it, he looks great,” Hollywoodlife.

The source went on to describe how the 22-year-old “started working more and making better food choices,” around the time he was preparing to graduate. “He has been living in school like a normal college kid for the past few years, but he is now growing up and ready to take better care of himself,” went on to source. But Christopher is not following any trendy diet or specific routine, he is simply making a conscious lifestyle change.

Christopher Schwarzenegger watched before his weight loss journey in 2018 [SplashNews].

“This is not a fad diet or crash diet of any kind, he just cut out the junk and started working out,” the source confirmed. Over the past few days, Schwarzenegger family fans have seen Christopher’s progress! On July 24, the 22-year-old was seen leaving his healthy school setting with a T-shirt from his high school days and a pair of basketball shorts, sneakers and a la Lakers mask. In the days that followed, Christopher was seen enjoying a hiking in the hills of Los Angeles with some friends, holding a water bottle on hand to stay hydrated.

And Christopher is not going it alone when it changes his lifestyle. Indeed, he had the support of his famous family, including his father. “His father has definitely been a big help,” the source said. “He has everything [of] Knowledge to share and as Christopher showed interest, Arnold was immediately there to guide and encourage him. “

Christopher Schwarzenegger
Christopher Schwarzenegger left a healthy food establishment in Los Angeles on July 24 [BACKGRID].

And the guidance Arnold is giving to his youth has seen many benefits in addition to Christopher’s weight loss. “He does not pressurize her but she is overjoyed to be able to share her passion with her son,” the source said. “It’s really been very good for their relationship.” Hopefully, in the near future, we will see this father and son pair working together.

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