A giant flag & # 39; L & # 39; Personalized, which appeared in a Cubs-Brewers game in September 2018, was shown again in the ninth inning of Milwaukee's 13-10 victory on Friday night. (Photo: Curt Hogg / Now news group)

The saga of the giant flag "L", like the winning streak of the Milwaukee Brewers, lived on Friday night.

Jay Ryan, a 30-year-old from DeForest, became one of the many heroes of the Brewers' fans last season last September when he deployed a 25-by-15-foot flag that he bought for about $ 140 days earlier.

With the Chicago Cubs making their first appearance at Miller Park since that series, Ryan was back in the stadium and, thanks in no small part to clever advanced planning, so was his flag.

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Ryan, with the help of his father, Steve, revealed the flag in an otherwise empty Section 438 in the left corner of the stadium, at the top of the ninth inning of the Brewers' 13-10 victory.

The L recalls a similar flag flying in Wrigley Field in the days when the Cubs lose a game.

They held the flag there for about five minutes, while Chicago scored three runs to cut the deficit from six to three runs in the ninth inning on Friday.

"If we spoil this, I'm going to be embarrbaded," Jay said as the Cubs covered the bases with runners.

But then, the security of the stadium told them that they needed to keep it and wait for the final to come out to show it.

"They said wait until the game is over," Ryan said. "The last time they told us we can not hang it on any rail, so we're like," This is the best place, it's the only option. "

Enter the stadium … with Saran Wrap


The giant flag & # 39; L & # 39; Jay Ryan is deployed after the Brewers beat the Cubs on Sept. 4, 11-1.
Sent by Tanner Killmon

Last September, after the images of the flag hanging from the bleachers ran through social networks, Ryan tried to take the flag to a later game of Brewers against Cubs using the little Mermaid's backpack The Little Mermaid. The security department informed him that he could not take the flag to the game, so Ryan had to return to his car to leave it behind.

"We brought him in a backpack the first time, and they did not care," Ryan said. "We brought it in a second time, we did the same. They said that people complained, so the security guard did not let us in. "

A spokesman for the Brewers at the time said the decision was to avoid an exchange between fans of the Cubs and the Brewers bringing increasingly bigger and potentially more dangerous accessories to the stadium.

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Ryan had a different plan this time: Saran wrap.

"This time, I just put (the flag) around me and wrapped it around Saran to make it as tight as possible," Ryan said. "Then I put on a bigger sweatshirt."

Ryan went through the doors without anyone stopping him. But there would be security personnel who would track him later.

No more flag & # 39; L & # 39 ;?

Friday night could have been the last time Ryan's flag was seen in Miller Park.

According to Ryan, who plans to attend the games on Saturday and Sunday, security personnel informed him after the game that the flag would be confiscated and that he would be arrested for trespbading if he was caught in a future game.

The Miller Park policies state the following with respect to bringing flags to the stadium:

Placards can not be displayed anywhere in Miller Park or hung over railings. Approved placards and / or posters can be displayed only between entries. The maximum size of the banner is 3 & # 39; x 5 & # 39 ;.

It goes without saying that Ryan's flag is a little larger than the maximum size allowed.

"I might need a Go Fund Me if I bring it back," Ryan joked.

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