A German tuner is designing small kidney grills for the BMW M3 and M4

If you like tuning, then you have definitely heard of Prior Design. Specialized in widebody kits and fancy wheels, the German company has also taken it upon itself to improve the kidney disturbances of the M3 and M4.

The polarization design has been dismantled by the likes of Frank Stephenson, presented by the G22 generation of the 4 Series. You know, the guy who gave the first X5 as well as the Ferrari F430 and McLaren P1 Hypercar.Not that long ago, BMW’s design chief Domagoz Duke defended the muzzle in a controversial manner. “In this business, you can’t hear social media responses. It will not help you. ” However, it is a joke.

Apart from Stephenson and countless other BMW fans (including me), Prior Design agrees that something needs to be changed. A spokesman said that “We are going to release this bumper for sale in the future.”

According to The Drive, the spokesperson has also let it slip “Feedback about this design was very positive.” However, it remains to be seen which of the two bumpers will be produced in the following video.

Taking a look at the comments on YouTube, it is very clear that BMW was not right about those kidneys. “Your version is 1,000,000,000 times more beautiful than the original,” Tom Archer said. “As expected, aftermarket companies are going to great advantage with M3 and M4,” Wrote the deejay.

The Bavarian automaker is not the only one that has been criticized over a poor style decision. Remember the mid cycle of the Camaro SS? Golden Botti redesigned the front bumper after only one year because “Customers talked, and we listened. ” As a result, the 2020 model switched to the front bumper of the shock design study and a crisis was averted.

Improvement in brand new # M4 & # M3 front – # way! 🙂 Pre-Design GmbH / Andreas Belzek …

Posted by Pre-Design GmbH on Sunday, October 18, 2020


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