A Florida man accused of planting an officer after allegedly pulling off-duty Orlando police

A local report said a Florida man accused of pulling himself into handcuffs this week accused himself of pulling off an off-duty Orlando police.

According to Orlando-based WKMG-TV, 40-year-old Omar Ford allegedly told investigators he was on his way home from his security guard job when he thought another car was rolling over with an impaired driver.

“The gentleman flew with me, and his car danced,” a gentleman said in a recorded conversation with a Castleberry police officer’s bodycam. “So I figured he might be drunk.”

The outlet reported that Ford’s company named the police a “criminal task force”. Authorities said the name was on his vest and he wore a badge, a gun and a tusser.

“A citizen would mistake this for a law enforcement officer all day,” one of the Castlebury police told Ford in the video, mentioning his white SUV, uniform and other accuser.

Schemes provided by the concerned officer, family

Forde reportedly told police he said something with an off-duty officer’s blue BMW. Then, when the BMW driver asked if he was being pulled over, Ford told officers he told the man to slow down.

But officers then got behind Ford’s car, flashed their own lights and they stopped together down the road, according to local reports.

The officer, identified by Orlando-based WFTV as Zachary Price, called 911.

“When [Forde] Tried to stop [the officer]”He can look and see,” Captain William Ness, a Castlebury police captain, told a news conference. “And since he is a policeman himself, he knows about uniforms and jurisdiction, and he knew whether it was Castleberry or Seminole County or not. [state] Trooper, so he immediately called us to stop and interrogate this person. ”

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According to local reports, Castleberry police said they found that Ford did not have a valid driver’s license.

He was charged with suspending an officer, driving with a suspended license, and released after posting a bond.

Forde has denied attempting to hire an officer.

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