A file countsuit against blues singer Lady Antebellum

It has been two months since we last checked out the fight between blues singer Anita “Lady A”. Change your name to lady a back in june Although there was already a woman performing under that name). The two sides discussed moving forward in June. The band proudly announced that they both agreed to share the name Although the original Lady A’s conclusion was just that She Was going to use the name and didn’t care what the band did. one month later, The band decided to sue him, Which is completely appropriate here-Looked like a donkey. at best. Some of the worst. (Don’t forget that this is a black woman they are suing, and the reason they switched from Lady Antebellum in the first place is because they finally realize the old name as a fond memory of pre-Civil War days Can be interpreted in the American South, aka when slavery was still legal.)

Lady A responded shortly thereafter, but now Rolling stone it is said She went on to file a countershoot against the band, alleging that she had “nationwide common law rights” to the Lady A trademark and that her use “precedes any rights in Lady A Markell-owned Lady A Mark” “. (In its suite, the band argued that it has been using Lady A as a nickname for years, even though it only seemed to pop up in situations where people didn’t bother to write full names. Can be done.) Lady A also. The argument is that the whole thing “overshadowed her searches on social media and music services,” resulting in “lost sales, low brand recognition, and decreased goodwill and value associated with the mark.”

The band sued for a settlement of $ 10 million in exchange for letting them use Lady A’s name only. Rolling stone Noting that she says that she only decided that the band was not taking her antics seriously. The band’s lawsuit, meanwhile, did not ask for any money or compensation, instead just to establish that the band could use the name and that Lady A could not sue them later (which she now does Has been).