A father who died years ago left $ 10 to buy his son the first beer at age 21

Very few people knew that his father, who had passed away six years before esophageal cancer, was already planning to attend – not in person, but in spirit.

John Goodman billed his son $ 10 to buy his first beer, which his mother and sister had hidden for all those years.

On December 6, Taunton, a resident of Massachusetts, used the money for his first legal drink.

Goodman told CNN, “Knowing that he thought of a future big moment in my life meant everything to him, because even he did everything he could to make my 21st birthday. did.” “It was probably the best present I’ve ever received.”

While he was alive, John Goodman never missed a major moment in his son’s life. He was there for every game, every birthday and every heartbreak. His son only understood it by buying his first beer.

“Not being around him obviously showed that he was my best friend,” Goodman said. “He was a huge goofy who would do anything in the world to make me happy.”

After finishing his beer, Goodman shared a heartbreaking story Twitter, Where it received over 540,000 likes.

“Cheers pop havin ‘this one for you!” He captioned a photo of a $ 10 bill and he drank beer.

The post went viral and even caught the attention of beer brewer Budweiser, who sent eight cases of beer to Goodman.

“We’re picking up one of our platforms, Matt. That’s your first beer and the next one on us,” Budweiser Tweeted In response to Goodman’s post.


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