A faster Wi-Fi 6 Ero is coming

Amazon’s home networking company Ero is about to launch its first router with Wi-Fi 6 support, according to a pair of leaks. ZatzNotFunny There are reports that two devices – an Ero 6 Gateway and Ero 6 Extender – have hit the FCC, and also posted an image In a third toolbox, Ero Pro ६.

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest version of the Wi-Fi standard and provides faster speeds and better support for more devices connecting to one router. Ero is adding support for the new standard sometime later than some of its competitors, who had Wi-Fi 6 products available last year. However, this year Wi-Fi 6 router prices have started hitting more mainstream price points and are now much more widely available.

The router’s label is published by the FCC.
Image: FCC

A photo of one of the devices appears in another FCC document, although it is not clear which one.
Image: FCC

In terms of specs, both the new gateway and range extender of the Ero will be dual-band devices, while the Ero Pro 6 router will be tri-band, indicating that it should be capable of high speeds. The dual-band gateway is expected to have a pair of Ethernet ports as well as a USB-C port for charging, but the extender will come with only one charging port. Razors also include hardware to support the Zigbee wireless protocol, which ZatzNotFunny Notes can allow them to connect to devices such as smart light bulbs without the need to go through the Zigbee hub.

There’s no word on when the new devices will be released, but we’re coming up a year later as Amazon uses its late-September 2019 event with a host of new Alexa-enabled devices featuring new Eero hardware Had to announce. If it follows a similar schedule this year then an official announcement cannot be far off.

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