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A disastrous Justice League sends Warner Bros. to a panic

A year and a half ago, after Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice worked terribly with critics, Warner Bros. reacted quickly. Jon Berg and Geoff Johns were selected to co-direct DC Films. Berg ( Argo, Live by Night ) with his connection to Ben Affleck, and Johns-who emerged in the industry with fanatical fanatic King of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, and successfully launched the successful TV division of DC Entertainment, would try to bring order to the franchise. It was too late to correct completely in Suicide Squad, which was so devastated by critics as [BatmanvSuperman but after the pure success of Wonder Woman this summer, a Variety lede proclaimed: "Jon Berg and Geoff Johns are at the top".

What a difference some months make. After Justice League stumbled not only critically but, crucially, also at the box office, it is said that Johns and Berg are out, and Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, et. Alabama. They are once again a group of heroes in search of a leader.

According to Variety Berg will leave his advisory position but will remain a producer at Warner Bros., working closely with Roy Lee ( The Lego Movie, It ), while Johns will remain as chief creative officer at DC Entertainment, working on television, publications and consumer products. But "in the future, his work in films may evolve and could be more advisory in nature." According to reports, Warner Bros. plans to announce a replacement for Johns and Berg in January or simply absorb the leadership of DC Films in the studio's largest film operation.

According to a statement by Warner Bros. Picture Group President Toby Emmerich, this change in personnel is not entirely a reaction to the disappointing numbers of Justice League. Berg, says Emmerich, had been wanting to make a transition from his position for half a year. But as recently as the end of June, Berg was quoted in Variety becoming poetic about the future plans of the franchise.

Due to the change of leadership in the studio, large editions of these superhero films and rotating directors, it has been complicated, in the past, to determine exactly who is to blame for the DC comic book franchise. But from the moment they were promoted, Johns and Berg took possession of Justice League. Speaking from the set in London last summer, star Ben Affleck told Mashable: "Geoff is a big part of things, Geoff is a brilliant guy, and there's no one who knows more, as far as I know, about comics … he has great taste, and he's really super smart and super friendly Jon Berg also has such an important role. "

That property means that, as Variety expressed it earlier this year, Berg and Johns were "enjoying the brightness" of The success of Wonder Woman they also have to take the fall for the Justice League stumble . Without knowing who will enter the new leadership role, the future of this superhero lineup remains unclear. It should not be surprising that the only success story of a franchise, Wonder Woman, is still scheduled for a sequel, with Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins coming back to provide some stability in the quivering cinematic universe. The independent film by Aquaman by Jason Momoa wrapped production in October, so some version of that will be released in 2018, although who knows what kind of editing and re-recording will take place from here to then.

Variety also reports that The flash of Ezra Miller a unanimous favorite of the fans in the cast of Justice League will still have its own movie. But it has been a difficult path for Flashpoint, with the likes of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, Seth Grahame-Smith, and Rick Famuyiwa everyone who comes and goes from the project since it was announced, while high profile names like Sam Raimi and Marc Webb have broadcast the project completely. Ben Affleck's Batman, however, seems to be not too long for the franchise. Although the actor has been going back and forth in his plans for the future of the crusader with cape, the loss of his collaborator Jon Berg of DC Films seems a clear indicator that Affleck is on the way out, and soon. [19659011] Although DC Films is in a bad state, Warner Bros. did have a very strong 2017 with great hits like Wonder Woman, It, and Dunkirk composing for ]] Failures of Justice League . In other words, there is still time for the studio to fix this ship and create a successful superhero franchise. On the other hand, that's what comics fans said the last year-when Johns and Berg were hired.

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