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A diet rich in salt may cause dementia, according to a study

Making his first foray into the election campaign in 2018, President Donald Trump will go to southwest Pennsylvania on Thursday to seek a Republican candidate for Congress, as Republicans have found some worrying signs in this mid-year election, fighting with an electoral playing field that seems inclined against his party. At stops near Pittsburgh, Trump will help Pennsylvania State Representative Rick Saccone, who is trying to win a special election for Congress on March 13, in a district of the House of Representatives that voted for the president by 19 points in November. 2016. The campaign comes two days after the last evidence of an increase in the vote of the Democrats, since they changed a state legislative seat in Wisconsin, in a district that voted for President Trump by 17 points in 2016. "That sound you hear is a tsunami warning," said Handicapper Stu Rothenberg, who like many in Washington, sees the possibility of an election wave in 2018 for Democrats. The state governor, Scott Walker, who will stand for re-election this year, did not consider Wisconsin's result. The special election of Senate District 10 won by a Democrat is a wake-up call for Republicans in Wisconsin. – Scott Walker (@ScottWalker) January 17, 2018 In a fundraising email sent to supporters on Wednesday night, Governor Walker's theme was "SHOCKING LOSS". "The conservatives of Wisconsin have just received a much needed CALL WAKE UP," the letter began. . "Usually, we've taken this seat," Speaker of the House of Representatives and Wisconsin native Paul Ryan told reporters. "Yes, I think we should pay attention to it." "We all have to work," said Rep. Steve Stivers (Republican for Ohio), who is under great pressure as head of the campaign branch of House Republicans. But the change has not only been in Wisconsin, since the Democrats have seen their votes increase in all areas, in red states like Oklahoma and South Dakota, red districts in Georgia and South Carolina, and then in a big victory in December Alabama, where Doug Jones won a seat in the US Senate. UU "These results continue the trend we saw in 2017," said the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Tom Pérez. "Voters strongly reject the Trump-GOP agenda." If that is the case it is still unclear, but the figures show what the Democrats have been able to do in one race after another, get more people out to vote, and attract more independents as well. Here is a breakdown of the Democrats' excessive performance tonight in the 4 contested special elections: SC # HD99: D + 13.08% WI # AD58: D + 24.90% WI # SD10: D + 27.52% IA # HD06: D + 20.44 % That's an average Dem on performance tonight of D + 21.49% That's … significant. – Aaron Booth (@ActorAaronBooth) January 17, 2018 In 2017, while Republicans could win a series of special elections for the US House of Representatives. The margins were much closer than normal, and that makes campaign experts wonder if the Democrats can maintain that momentum. in November 2018. "I do not think people have put a price on how much * worse * it could cost House Republicans in the next 300 days," tweeted Dave Wasserman, an expert on House elections for the Cook Political Report. . So far in 2018, all the news about legislators who retire in Congress comes from the Republican side, since 31 Republicans from the House of Representatives will not return next January, compared to 14 Democrats. That rotation, even before a vote was cast in a congressional primary, is higher than normal and even greater than the number of Democrats who left in 1994 when the Republican Party won a major mid-term victory and He took control of both houses of Congress. All that is being noticed by those who have been in politics, such as former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL), who now speaks on the radio. There is a wave of blue Democratic tsunami that will arrive in 2018 as we have never seen it before. Our best side wakes up. https://t.co/ejVkigQlMW – Joe Walsh (@WalshFreedom) January 17, 2018 The game plan for the Republican Party in 2018 is simple at this point – President Trump and Republican lawmakers are doing everything possible to highlight the tax cuts enacted by law at the end of last year, and how that will help Americans who work immediately. On Thursday, Mr. Trump will stop at H & K Equipment, near Pittsburgh, a company that White House officials say will benefit from the new tax plan. "2017 was the best year in the history of the company, which credits the economic agenda of the pro-employment, pro-worker and pro-growth president," said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. "Thanks to the approval of Trump's tax cuts, H & K will now be able to spend 100 percent of the investments it makes in new equipment in the same year they buy it," Sanders added. On Capitol Hill, it is also a daily drum beat for Republican Party lawmakers, as they tout tax cuts at every opportunity, such as this speech on Seante's floor by Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA). While polls have shown weak numbers for Republicans in Congress in recent months, some of the new data indicate an increase in public support for tax cuts, and Republican lawmakers believe that this can only help to further people see more money in their checks. "If the other party had entered, the market would have dropped by fifty percent," the president told the audience at the White House on Tuesday, as he is ready to repeat this year that his election on Hillary Clinton was key to further growth. economic and jobs. "You know what we have done on our tax bill, and you know how successful it has been," Mr. Trump added. He will make that case again on Thursday in Pennsylvania, while Republicans try to make sure 2018 is not remembered by an electoral tide that dragged them out of Congress.

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