A customer at an Ohio restaurant left a tip of $ 5,600 for Christmas to be split among the entire workforce

The guest, who asked the restaurant to allow him to remain anonymous, was dining at the Souk Mediterranean Kitchen in Toledo on 12 December, when he left a massive tip for all 28 employees – including those who It was closed that day. After splitting it, each staff member took $ 200.

“There were a lot of tears, I’m talking about it now,” Sousa owner and chef Mousa Salloukh told CNN. “Your restaurant worker becomes your family and everyone cares about each other. I am staying out of the kitchen to watch the employees pass under the tree and give gifts for their children, so it was huge for us . ”

A FedEx driver surprised a boy with a new basketball and saw him play after it broke.

Many employees who were not able to present the Christmas tree or for their family, as the epidemic told Salluk, that the tip was the only thing “possible.”

“A lot of people felt like someone was watching and looking down at them. It gave us a lot of hope, for 28 strangers it was just a beautiful thing you don’t even know,” Salloukh said.

Salloukh opened his restaurant in October 2019, and like many other business owners, was struggling to keep it alive due to the coronovirus epidemic.

In September, the National Restaurant Association said that 100,000 restaurants had closed in 2020 by now. About 60% of businesses closed during the epidemic will never reopen, and according to Yelp figures, the restaurant has suffered the most.

But now, as the restaurant gets back on its feet, Salloukh says that such a gesture is a “reminder” that despite the odds and conflicts, everything will be fine.

“The restaurant was a tribute to my mother and everything was going very well until March, when we were forced to close,” he said. “There was a huge financial impact, but we did everything just to survive. Then suddenly this gentleman comes in and gives us a $ 5,600 tip for all his employees. ‘Thank you’ is not enough.”


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