A Critic’s View: Confusion of Trump’s Kovid-19 Victory Picture | News of america

The trouble with Trump is that, as he told Bob Woodward, “I bring out the anger.” Posing masked on the balcony of the White House, it is difficult to see that the red mist is not coming down after the “victory” against Kovid.

For anyone with an understanding of history, Mussolini’s echo on the balcony of Rome’s Palazzo Venezia is unmistakable. But many of his core voters know less history than he does and, moreover, it is the White House, waving American flags – yet for many stages of democracy, not dictatorship. Perhaps Pose’s real shock is its confusion. There is no crowd – he is performing for himself and the camera.

Trump imagined that it was important for him to show himself, like a medieval emperor miraculously recovered from the plague. He is truly the most important person on earth, the first divine emperor of the Republic, in the frantic work of this breathless patient of alcoholic theater. If Trump falls, it will be because people see the gap between his dreams and the reality of America.

Sean Conley, center, for physician Donald Trump and his ‘Made Legion’. Photo: Ivan Vukie / AP

In this photo, President Trump’s doctors and nurses are gathered together like a crack military squad – probably many military or navy medics since such a trend.

It certainly reflects Trump’s unique vision, turning a medical crisis into a kick action film like that you can’t see in Cineworld with you. These tough people were handpicked to fight the coronovirus, dead at night, after the small enemy had to keep an eye on its foreign den. They probably all too easily remember the character quail such as chewing a cigar butt, driving madly or, in the case of people hiding behind, a woman or being non-white.

On the other hand these medics are not made to be like commandos, such as contestants in the extensive early episodes of reality TV shows. Such are the layers of almost unnaturalness that surrounds Trump. There is a kind of gotcase genius around you calling such wacky images as Salvador Dali was the Commander in Chief. The neat system resembles a game of human chess on a sergeant piaget.

This image may be one of our last opportunities to enjoy the hyperlucid fantasy world of a presidency in which the Doctor is a warrior and everyone can defeat Kovid if they too throw a grenade of their fox’s expensive drugs.