A closer look at two fundamental months in Daybell’s research

REXBURG – A lot happened in the Daybell investigation over the course of eight weeks last fall.

The events occurred in eastern Idaho during September and October that are key points in the investigation against Chad and Lori Daybell. Chad was arrested on June 9 for two serious crimes of destruction, alteration or concealment of evidence. Lori is accused of desertion of children and three misdemeanors.

Based on court documents, interviews, previous reports, and other sources, here is a closer look at what led us to where we are today.

SEPT. 1 OR 2 – Lori Vallow moves into a house on Pioneer Road in Rexburg with her brother, Alex Cox, and their children, Joshua “JJ” Vallow and Tylee Ryan. Neighbors told police that they helped the family move, and in the next few weeks, her son played with JJ multiple times.

Alex finally moved into his own unit in the same complex.

SEPT. 8 – Lori, Alex, JJ and Tylee go to Yellowstone National Park. The photos taken in the park are the latest evidence that the police can find showing Tylee with Lori.

Court documents show that Alex drove everyone in his silver van. His phone leaves the West Entrance of Yellowstone at 6:40 p.m. and is tracked at Buckaroo’s BBQ Grill in West Yellowstone from 6:45 p.m. to 7:02 p.m. Alex returns to Rexburg at 8:37 p.m., and his The phone is at Lori’s house until 9:35 pm He goes to Maverik and returns to Lori’s house from 10:44 pm until 11:15 pm. At 11:44 pm, he is at his house.

SEPT. 9 9 – Court documents indicate that Alex’s phone was in Lori’s apartment, where the children were staying, from 2:42 a.m. to 3:37 a.m. Lori’s house between midnight and 6 a.m.

Alex leaves home at 4:37 am and stays there until 8:59 am. Twenty-two minutes later, she is on the Chad Daybell property. At 9:21 am, a GPS data point locates him at the eastern end of the barn in the land of Chad.

Alex seems to stay in the house for more than two hours. Then, at 11:52 am, she is at Del Taco in Rexburg.

A minute later, Chad texts his wife, Tammy, who is at work. He says he shot a raccoon and buried him in his pet graveyard. He tells his wife that he is going to write at BYU. Tammy responds at 2:47 pm, “Good for you.” To which Chad replies, “I am back home now.”

SEPT. 18 years – A babysitter meets Lori and JJ. She tells the police that she understood that her employment would continue.

SEPT. 19 – The babysitter looks at JJ. Lori’s friends Melanie Gibb and David Warwick arrive from Arizona. Lori immediately tells Melanie that JJ has become a zombie.

SEPT. 22 – Melanie and David tell the police that they saw JJ late that night when Alex was taking him to his apartment. Alex returned later and JJ seemed to be asleep on his shoulder.

SEPT. 2. 3 – David wakes up and asks Lori where JJ is between 8 and 9 in the morning. Lori tells David and Melanie that JJ had been acting like a zombie, and Alex came to take him.

During their weekend stay, Lori and Melanie discuss how Lori will take JJ to stay with Kay Woodcock, her grandmother, so that Lori and Chad can complete their “mission”.

David and Melanie leave Rexburg, and that day, JJ has an unexcused absence from Kennedy Elementary School.

At 9:55 am, the GPS on Alex’s cell phone shows him in the pond on Chad Daybell’s property. He is there until 10:12 am

This is one of four visits Alex makes to Chad’s house in September: he stays for 12 minutes on September 6, 2.5 hours on September 9, 17 minutes on September 23, and around 17 minutes on September 25 .

SEPT. 24 – Lori contacts the babysitter and tells her that JJ has been staying with her grandmother for several weeks, and that her services are no longer necessary. Lori also calls Kennedy Elementary and says she would be studying at JJ’s now.

OCT. one – Lori visits Self Storage Plus in Rexburg and signs an agreement to rent a unit by the name of Lori Ryan. She, Alex, and a man believed to be Chad Daybell visit the storage locker eight more times in October and once in November.

OCT. two – Lori and a man Chad is likely to leave a tire and what appears to be a removable seat in the storage unit.

In Arizona, Brandon’s Boudreaux, Lori’s niece’s ex-husband Melani Pawlowski, is shot while driving home from the gym. A private investigator believes the shooter was Alex, and he was driving a Jeep registered to Charles Vallow, Lori’s late husband.

Also on this day, a size 4 Sterling Silver Southwest Style Malachite Gemstone is ordered from Charles Vallow’s Amazon account and shipped to Lori’s Rexburg home. It is the same ring seen in your wedding photos weeks later.

OCT. 3 – Lori returns to the storage facility with a different man, probably Alex, and they remove the tire and car seat from the locker.

That same day, family members tell EastIdahoNews.com that Chad was working outside, and he came in to tell Tammy that his deceased grandmother, Cooper, had visited him. She claims that Grandma Cooper told her that Tammy needed to go see her parents in Springville, Utah. Tammy had mentioned to Chad earlier in the week that he wanted to see his family, but was hesitant to go. Tammy always traveled with Chad or the children, but after her husband told her about her vision, she got into the car the next day and left for Springville alone.

OCT. 4 4 – Tammy arrives in Springville at night and has dinner with her parents. She spends the night at her sister’s house.

OCT. 5 5 – Tammy wakes up around 9 in the morning and returns to Rexburg.

OCT. 9 9 – According to a Facebook post, Tammy entered her driveway, got out of the car, and a man in a ski mask approached her and shot her multiple times with a paintball gun. He left and she called the police. Authorities believed it was a joke, and the man was never found.

OCT. 19 – Tammy dies suddenly while sleeping at age 49. Chad insists that an autopsy is not needed, and Fremont County Coroner Brenda Dye states that Tammy has died of natural causes.

OCT. 22 – Tammy’s funeral takes place in Springville, Utah. Chad quickly leaves after services and returns to Rexburg, where a memorial for Tammy is held the next day.

OCT. 25 – A friend of Tylee’s reportedly received a text message from her phone saying, “Hello. I miss you too… love.

Ten days after that text message, Lori married Chad on the beaches of Hawaii, and a new phase of the investigation began.

A complete timeline of all research can be found here.

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