A client in a spin studio that follows all the rules triggers a coronovirus outbreak with at least 61 cases

At SPINCO, Hamilton, Ontario, the bus reopened in July and had correct protocols all over the place, including screening staff and attendees, tracking them all in attendance in each classroom, masking before and after classes, towels Cleaning and cleaning rooms. In a statement, Hamilton’s health officer medical officer Drs. Elizabeth Richardson said 30 minutes of an entire class.

But it was still not enough.

Public health officials are very concerned about the number of cases and the size of the outbreak, especially because the city is not currently a hotspot and is not ignoring facility health protocols, he said in a statement to CNN.

“They have also supported public health services in our investigation by sharing the message with all their members,” Richardson said.

There are currently 44 confirmed primary cases and 17 confirmed secondary cases involving SPINCO. Exposure was linked to several classes held from 28 September to 4 October.

The studio’s co-owners, Naz Zerzadegan and Ira Price, told The Hamilton Spectator on Monday that public health officials told them “Patient Zero showed no symptoms.”

In a post to clients on Instagram, SPINCO said in dismay, “We offered all public health measures, even added anything, and yet the epidemic hit us again!”

SPINCO said it would be kept pending further investigation by health officials.

City officials say SPINCO was operating at 50% capacity with a 6-foot radius around each bike, and this could raise questions about the safety of gyms and fitness studios during the epidemic.

“We continue to see what this means, what we need to understand about practice classes,” Richardson said at a media briefing on Tuesday.

Canada is counting on a second wave of coronovirus that has been marked by a doubling of new, daily positive cases of Kovid-19 within the past month. Targeted restrictions and closures are in place in many urban centers including Toronto and Montreal, but not in Hamilton.


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