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A clash of high stakes on the horizon

  WWE SmackDown

The December 5 edition of WWE SmackDown saw the light of a very meaningful match that could greatly affect the course of Tuesday night forever.

WWE The last night of SmackDown was centered around the preparation for pay-per-view of Clash of Champions and the pay-per-view event of the WWE 2017 is taking shape. SmackDown saw some solid actions and well-deserved additions to Clash of Champions as well.

The blue mark will be in full screen in a pay per view for the last time in 2017 and its top story became even more significant. Having said that, let's look at five key findings from the December 5 edition of SmackDown .

5. The dominant modes of the Bludgeon brothers Go in Reverse

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan have been in the WWE for several years, beginning as members of the Wyatt family with Bray Wyatt. But lately, his characters have acquired a new look with The Bludgeon Brothers.

These two powerful and intense men have dominated their competition in recent weeks to the point where they have not had to defend themselves at all. But the night before SmackDown saw Harper and Rowan crush a team that was not even on the WWE list.

The Bludgeon brothers defeated Adam James and Josh Carr in a short time, continuing their dominant forms. But after two consecutive weeks of beatings and then breaking The Hype Bros, this feels the other way around when you have to crush an unnamed label team.

Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder are two established superstars in SmackDown so defeating them with ease seems impressive to Harper and Rowan. But after two consecutive weeks of that, crush a team that nobody knows not so long ago for The Bludgeon Brothers. They are impressive and have a great future on Tuesday nights, but not crushing names without a name.

Harper and Rowan are forces to keep in mind for the blue mark, but they should show that brute force against the teams that are really active. the main list.

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