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A boy found alive after the hospital in Delhi declared him dead | World News


Police in Delhi began an investigation after a baby who had been pronounced dead by doctors was transported in a body bag while his parents were preparing to deliver funeral rites.

Two doctors were fired from the luxurious Delhi supermarket hospital in Shalimar Bagh, where the boy and his twin sister were born prematurely at 22 weeks of last week.

The girl was born dead and the child was in critical condition; Soon after, the doctors declared him dead.

Indian television showed images of yellow plastic bags in which the bodies were allegedly wrapped by the hospital and returned to the family.

"They delivered both wrapped bodies to us as a messenger package from the back door," the boy's grandfather, Kailash, told NDTV. "After traveling 3 km, we felt a movement in one [bag]we opened it, we found pieces of plastic and the baby inside, we breathed."

He said that the family had been preparing to carry out the last rites in keeping with Hindu funeral traditions when a relative felt one of the bags writhing in his lap.

The child, who has been given the name Champ, is in maintenance of life in a nursing home in Delhi.

"The doctors in the nursing home told us that the child has several infections because he was exposed to the environment and had been wrapped in plastic," his uncle told the local press. "They have not told us if it will survive."

The incident sparked outrage and protests outside the hospital over the weekend. India's health minister, JP Nadda, called the incident "heartbreaking." Delhi's prime minister, Arvind Kejriwal, ordered an investigation and said he would take the "most energetic action".

Max Healthcare said he was "shocked and worried about this rare incident" and announced on Monday that the two treating doctors would be fired. . The separate investigations by the hospital and the Indian Medical Association (IMA) are ongoing.

Delhi police have said that the two doctors are among those being investigated in connection with possible charges of wrongful death, an offense punishable by up to seven years in prison.

KK Aggarwal, the head of the IMA, said the episode was a tragic mistake. "The difference between an error and a negligence is a deliberate action, I do not think any doctor does it voluntarily," he said.

In June, another hospital in Delhi sent a "dead" newborn to his home in a sealed package, where his family discovered that the baby was still alive.

I would not have opened the polyethylene if it were not for the ladies of the family, they insisted on seeing the child's face, "said Rohit Kumar, the boy's father." When we opened the lid we discovered that he was moving his hands and feet "

The premature baby, who weighed less than 500 g (1 lb), was rushed to the hospital but died shortly afterwards.

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