A Beginner’s Guide to AI Apocalypse: Humanity Joins Highmind

Welcome to the latest article in TNW’s Guide to AN Apocalypse. In this series we will examine some of the most popular Holocaust days practiced by modern AI experts.

It is very easy to think of new ways to destroy robots. We are very squishy. But what if AI doesn’t want us to die? May our future overlords see our weaknesses and, in their infinite benevolence, choose us to upgrade. Perhaps humanity becomes extinct through evolution rather than destruction.

You are welcome Hive Mind. Your every thought is also everyone’s thinking. You share the same intelligence with the whole world. There is no difference in you, others on the planet, a ‘smart’ garage door opener, and the computer that controls all of us. Exist as an extension of you AllYou are like a toenail cell or a sphincter muscle – a small but important piece of being more.

The idea of ​​an AI-powered hivemund that forcefully enlists sentimental creatures is a science fiction trope born of existential fear. The big idea is that we will eventually build a common AI (GAI) with better intelligence to humans and find out how we build all cyberbobs that connect directly to the mother server (or whatever the bot calls it ).

Credit: Star Trek: The Next Generation