A baby declared dead woke up on the way to his funeral and lived for five days


A baby died in India that was pronounced dead a few hours after birth, but was later discovered to be alive and writhing on the way to his own funeral, a tragic end to a story that has cast a harsh light on one of the elite private hospitals in the country.

Now the police are investigating the Max Hospital and a panel of medical experts, the doctors who gave birth to the baby and their dead twin have been fired, and the concerned Indians are obsessed with a simple question: How did this happen?

The family nightmare began on November 30 at the exclusive hospital in New Delhi, whose website says it offers "cutting-edge technology" during delivery to ensure the best outcome for both mother and baby.

The mother of the twins, six months pregnant at the time and experiencing extreme pain, had been referred to the Max Hospital by another institution, according to the Times of India.

Doctors AP Mehta and Vishal Gupta finally told the anxious p that the mother needed surgery. It was bleeding and the chances of survival of the babies decreased.

At 7:30 am On November 30, the woman gave birth to a baby. Twelve minutes later, she gave birth to a dead girl.

But the surviving baby's condition deteriorated, apparently, and doctors pronounced him dead by 1 pm, the newspaper reported.

The doctors placed the babies in a plastic bag and handed them to their father, who went to the crematorium. On the way there, he made a chilling discovery, according to the BBC. The bag was moving.

The baby was taken to a nearby medical center, where he was treated until his death on Tuesday night.

Now medical officials are trying to determine if his death was preventable, and what led to the hospital's error.

Among the first findings of the medical panel established by the New Delhi government to determine what happened: the delivery doctors did not make tracings of the electrocardiogram to evaluate the baby's heart, according to NDTV. The procedure is designed to detect the small electrical impulses emitted by the organ.

The two doctors involved were dismissed by the hospital, which is privately managed. The New Delhi police collected the hospital records and is reviewing any relevant video.

Max Healthcare said that the dismissals represent a "strict action", but should not be considered as a failure of the doctors.

"We are shocked" and concerned about this rare incident, "the hospital said in a statement, according to CNN.

In a statement to the Indian newspaper, Max Healthcare declined to comment on the allegations of the electrocardiogram:

"Media flashes indicate that said report is preliminary. We would like to review the final report in depth when we receive it before commenting. Meanwhile, we are fully cooperating with all relevant authorities on this issue "

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The relevant authorities, like many other Indians, were outraged.

The first Delhi's minister, Arvind Kejriwal, tweeted that he had ordered an investigation, and Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain said it was a case of "shocking criminal negligence."

Order ordered. strong if pleaded guilty https://t.co/prSLonNlkJ

– Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) December 1, 2017

If the hospital is found guilty, he told him New Indian Express his medical license could be canceled.

The medical board investigating the case is expected to publish his report next week.

"Once the report comes out, action will be taken. harder, "said Jain. 2] Read more:

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