A 5-year-old boy calls the authority to save Grinch’s Christmas

It's not a fictional story!

A 5-year-old Mississippi boy named TyLon Pittman was fully aware of the fact that he was not able to stop Grinch on his own so he called the 911 authority to order to report that he wants to save Grinch's Christmas and not I wanted the Grinch to steal Christmas.

  A 5-year-old calls on the authority to save Grinch's Christmas
Image source: Daily Mail

TyLon Pittman recalled his Saturday conversation with the 911 oprador, the Tylon family was not at so much. He said, "911 said, & # 39; 911, & guess what happened?"

After listing Tylon, police officer Byram (Miss.) Lauren Develle badured Tylon that her Christmas was 100% safe.

She said: Our dispatcher posted a Facebook status that said he had received a call from a young child … and he told him that he thought Grinch was coming to steal Christmas. "He added:" I asked him to he will send me his address. "

The family got confused when someone knocked on the door on Saturday night and found a flashlight outside the house.

When they opened the door, Develle was there and grew up loving the loving children How moved Grinch? Christmas movie and more than once has been shared with the character Cindy Lou Who in her life.

She said: "In a way I find it very funny. … Every Christmas morning, my dad wears these Grinch pants. "Develle continued," It's your favorite movie. Growing up seeing the Grinch every Christmas was my favorite thing. "

TeDera Dwayne Graves, brother of TyLon who is in the Air Force, is at home for the first time in four years during the holidays and caught the fun loving interaction video TeDera shared that video on her Facebook to enjoy the amusing description between her brother and Develle with family and friends.

She wrote the video: "I CAN NOT invent it!" She wrote: "My 5 a one year old brother called to the police and he said that the Grinch is stealing Christmas from the people and he does not want to be stolen, so they really came to our house! "

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