A 100 million year old meteorite pit was found in Australia’s gold mine, Australia

This year, a lot of discovery has been done. Recently, a 100 million year old giant pit was discovered in one of the gold mines in Western Australia. The company was drilling to find gold, but instead, made some more precious and historical discoveries. The crater is believed to be 5 km in diameter, and this massive crater is not visible from the surface; It was found by investigators using electromagnetic surveys.

The pit was found in the town of Ora Banda, northwest of Cragurli-Boulder, known for mining goldfields. According to experts, this crater is about five times larger than the world famous Wolf Creek crater, which is in Kimberley.

The discovery of this yet-to-be-named crater has shaken the world of geophysicists and geologists. Geologist and geophysicist Dr. According to Jason Meyers, this discovery is quite unexpected and significant at the same time. The geologist said, “The discovery was made in an area where the landscape is very flat. You would not know that it was there because the pit is filled with geological time. ”

More about the crater

Australia’s third largest gold-mining firm Evolution Mining found the pit while digging for gold. The crater has a diameter of 5 km, and therefore, it is considered the largest meteorite craters in the world.

Dr. According to Meyers, the diameter of the crater that forms this crater must be somewhere between 320 and 660 feet. He also said that new technologies have made things a lot easier for scientists to make these discoveries. According to him, there are probably more craters that are being discovered.