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A $ 1 million Powerball ticket sold at Schnucks in DeKalb


DeKALB: Check your lottery tickets, DeKalb residents and recent visitors, sold a $ 1 million Powerball ticket at Schnucks.

The ticket was purchased at Schnucks, 975 S. Annie Glidden Road, and matched the five numbers, 1-2-3-7-39, in the Saturday night draw to win the prize, said the Lottery spokesman. Illinois, Jason Schaumburg. The only match that was missing to win $ 224 million was the number of Powerball, which was 25. Schaumburg said no one won the grand prize, so you're still in the race for the well, which is estimated at $ 242 million when you they extract the numbers. Wednesday.

Schaumburg said no one has claimed the $ 1 million prize, which he knows. He said the agency advises award winners to consult with a lawyer or financial advisor before claiming large amounts of prizes like this.

"Each winner is different," said Schaumburg. "With a prize amount at this level, it's not that weird that we spend weeks or even months before someone makes the claim."

Travis Wilhite, manager of the DeKalb store, said he noticed the announcement in a news report on Monday afternoon. He declined to comment further and forwarded an additional comment to the Schnucks headquarters in St. Louis.

The Illinois Lottery encourages winners to sign the back of their tickets and keep them in a safe place until they visit one of the five lottery prizes centers in Chicago, Des Plaines, Rockford, Springfield or Fairview Heights, according to a press release from the Illinois Lottery. The winners have one year from the date of the original draw to claim their prize.

Schnucks will receive a bonus of $ 10,000, 1 percent of the prize amount, for selling the winning ticket.

"Our company receives it, but it is credited to that store," said Paul Simon, a Schnucks spokesperson.

The Powerball drawings are in
9:59 p.m. Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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