911 dispatchers in Texas city ask callers about coronovirus symptoms, about firefighting

Dispatchers in Houston, Texas have stopped asking 911 callers if they have coronavirus symptoms – a move to which local firefighters are concerned.

According to several reports, 911 callers will not be asked whether they or their household members are showing symptoms of COVID-19, a process that has been ongoing since the novel coronovirus epidemic began. According to reports, dispatchers will notify firefighters.

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“Less knowledge about COVID-19 infection is dangerous for firefighters, paramedics and the public. “Patrick” Marty “Lancton, president of the Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association, told Fox News in an email why the city is refusing to track the information.”

The city announced the new policy on Tuesday when members of the Houston Fire Department were attending funeral services for Houston’s first firefighter to die of coronovirus.

Houston dispatchers will no longer ask callers if they have novel virus symptoms.

“We are also upset that the city released this information during a memorial service for Captain Leroy Lucio, who died of complications of COVID-19,” Lacton said.

Houston Fire chief Sam Pena told local media outlet ABC-13 that the new policy stemmed from concerns that callers are not honest about their symptoms and also acknowledged how much COVID-19 in Houston Has become critical.

Pena had publicly requested Houston residents to honestly respond to the dispatcher in an effort to protect firefighters, according to local outlets. Pena said that his fire department maintains a large number of COVID-forced quarantines.

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Pena told members of the Houston Fire Department about the change in a memo obtained by local ABC13-TV.

“The prevalence of COVID-19 is high in the Houston area and COVID-19 cannot be ‘dismissed’ in the area nor properly investigated through the OEC. Health of HFD Members And in the best interests of welfare, all addresses and patients. Should be considered as potential COVID-19 positive locations and patients. No attempt or opinion should be made to treat any patient as ‘non-covid,’ .

“To reduce the spread of infectious disease. In EMS and all health services, we practice universal precautions. Exposure is a risk in our workplace on all calls. Correct PPE is required on every call. Paramedics from Houston asked everyone to believe that COVID-19 is, ”Pena added on Twitter.

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