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9 signs that your child may be addicted to screens


"As young children use screen devices, instead of how much time they spend using devices, it may be the best predictor of emotional or social problems related to screen addiction," suggests new research.

"Our study has shown that it is more than the number of hours …"

This was fulfilled after the researchers controlled screen time in a new study of young children and the use of screens.

"In general, researchers and physicians quantify or consider the amount of screen time as of utmost importance in determining what is normal or non-normal or healthy or unhealthy," says lead author Sarah Domoff, who researched while a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Human Growth and Development at the University of Michigan.

"Our study has shown that there is more to it than the number of hours, the most important thing is whether the use of screens causes problems in other areas of life or has become an activity that consumes everything," says Domoff , now an badistant professor of psychology at the Central University of Michigan.

There is research on adolescents and screen use, but Domoff says that, to his knowledge, this is the first tool in the United States that measures the addiction to screen media in children from 4 to 11 years old. She believes it will be a valuable tool for parents, doctors and researchers.

Here are 9 warning signs of addiction to screen media:

  1. Control without success: it's hard for my son to stop using screen media.
  2. Loss of interest: Screen media is the only thing that seems to motivate my son.
  3. Concern: the screen media is everything my son seems to think.
  4. Psychosocial consequences: the use of my son's screen media interferes with family activities. [19659009] Serious problems due to use: the use of my son's screen causes problems for the family.
  5. Withdrawal: My child is frustrated when he can not use the screen.
  6. Tolerance: the amount of time my child desires the use of screen media continues to increase.
  7. Deception: my son slips away using screen media.
  8. Escape Humor / Relief: When my son has had a bad day, screen media seems to be the only thing that helps him feel better.

Children using health media Forms have problems with relationships, behavior and other emotional symptoms, says Domoff. The study did not examine whether emotional and behavioral problems or media addiction came first.

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Domoff and his coauthors report their findings in the journal of Psychology of Popular Media Culture . Additional authors of the study are from the University of Michigan and the Iowa State University.

Source: University of Michigan

Original Study
DOI: 10.1037 / ppm0000163

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