9 cases of COVID-19 were reported at North Pauling High School

The parent’s letter does not include information on whether other students or employees who were exposed have to quarantine or close any classes. “Our custodial staff wants to completely clean and disinfect the school building,” the letter stated.

Angie Franks said that both of her nephews studying in school tested positive for COVID-19. A school started smelling from home on Monday, she said in an interview with the AJC. Franks said his mother took him for tests, where the rapid result showed him positive. By then, his brothers were exhibiting symptoms and were also tested. His positive results came on Wednesday.

The students are staying at home, but both went to school on Monday. Franks said the boys’ fathers informed the school on Tuesday and Wednesday after receiving their test results.

“They sit in class all day with no masks and no social distinction,” Franks said. “And I don’t know how many children they came into contact with.” He said the boys did not control the gravity of the virus and were not encouraged by the school to wear masks in classrooms or halls. The Paulding County school system is not mandating masks for students and staff, although it is supplying them to teachers.

Channel 2 Action News reported that since July 1, 53 cases of COVID-19, including 23 students, have been reported in schools in Paulding County.