85 infant test positive for Kovid-19 coronavirus in Texas County

The Kovid-19 coronovirus is not a great way to welcome anyone into the world.

However, as following CBS DFW The news section shows that 85 infants in Newbol County, Texas, have tested positive for Kovid-19 coronavirus so far:

Nu Mal County is where Corpus Christi is located. It is unclear how most of these infants are now doing health-wise. For reporting according to Alexandria Rodriguez and Ashley Burns Corpus Christi Caller Times, A six-week-old boy who tested positive for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2), dying of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). However, it has not yet been determined what specific role the Kovid-19 coronavirus may play in infant death.

These are actual babies and not adult babies. So you can’t blame them for catching viruses. Babies are not going to ignore public health recommendations, claiming that masks are suppressing their freedom, and posting on social media conspiracy theories such as claims that the epidemic is a hoax. Infants are not those who have failed to take adequate action to stop the virus and blame others. Correction, infants who are less than one year of age are not. Instead, real babies lie, cry, and burp.

However, add infants to the list of people directly affected by America’s failure to stop the virus. Babies are of particular concern not just because they are cute and are believed to be ahead of them all their life, but also because they have a weak immune system. Weak immune systems may make them more susceptible to worse outcomes from Kovid-19 coronavirus infections. His immune system is like Ryan Gosling in the film remember the Titans. They do not yet need time to fully develop and learn from the world around them.

Plus, a study published in Nature It is suggested that infants may have a weakened immune system for other reasons. Weak immune systems can allow good bacteria, such as poop spoil the odor, to help them move and colonize their bodies. Of course, if this is the case, leaving the door open in this way may also allow some bad visitors.

Since the Kovid-19 coronovirus is still new, there have not been much studies on what happens to various infants when infected. A new publication in Journal Society of Pediatric Infectious Diseases In detail, four cases of newborns were hospitalized with fever and found to have SARS-CoV-2 infection. Two of these infants had such difficulty breathing that they had to be admitted to the intensive care unit. One of the newborns received Remedisvir. Although all four newborns survived, this case series showed that Kovid-19 may be too much of a minor disease for infants.

Babies may not be raising their little fists and saying, “You defy 2020,” because they can’t talk a lot yet and have no other year as a reference. However, adults should be aware that infants this year may face more risks and difficult times than in previous years. Many adult decisions affect infants even when they are not directly involved. For example, most infants do not go to school yet, unless they are incredibly advanced. Nevertheless, opening the school prematurely will not only put students, teachers, and school staff at risk, but can also carry the virus in students and subsequently infect infants who are in the same home Can be in

Therefore, if you follow the recommended public health measures, you can affect infants even if you are not an infant yourself, at least in terms of age.