8 points to take away from the Denver Nuggets victory over Los Angeles Lakers – The Denver Post – tech2.org

8 points to take away from the Denver Nuggets victory over Los Angeles Lakers – The Denver Post


The Denver Nuggets (13-9) rebuilt their lineup and then finished strong in a 115-100 victory Saturday night against the Los Angeles Lakers before a six-game road trip.

Here are eight observations of victory:

1. Mason the creator of games. Nuggets coach Michael Malone said before the game that he felt comfortable executing large amounts of the offense through Plumlee in the high post, just as they would with the injured star Nikola Jokic. Plumlee delivered on his first start of the season, tying a season high with six badists to go with 12 points, six rebounds and a plus / minus rating of the plus-28 team. Plumlee noted that the Lakers packed the paint and constantly activated the defense, freeing teammates to receive throwing pbades on the perimeter or to cut the back door. In all, Plumlee's performance was the latest example of a great Denver man taking advantage of the minute increase while that positional group has been hit by injuries in recent weeks.

"He's a complete basketball player," Malone said, also praising Plumlee's defense on the stretch.

2. Advantage, Murray. Nuggets point guard, Jamal Murray, put together his last gem at home, with 28 points (including five triples), four rebounds and four badists. Malone noticed that Murray relaxed when he received his first blow in less than two minutes of the game. But the coach was perhaps more impressed with the way Murray protected Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball, who scored a triple-double against the Nuggets in their first meeting. Ball finished Saturday with nine points, nine rebounds, five badists and five turnovers.

"Jamal, at this moment, gets a lot of energy when he throws shots," Malone said. "He has to have the same energy whether he's shooting or not, and that will be the most important thing for him as he matures as a player."

3. Late "Thrill." A game after scoring 37 points, his personal best, including the game's winning layup, against the Bulls, Will Barton fought powerfully on offense to score 13 of his 16 points in the fourth quarter. Barton said he was getting the shots he wanted, but they just did not fall off. They also called him to take him three times, which surprised him.

"I (I told the officer)," Come on man. "Even if I carry, I have not been called for that all year. Are you going to call three in a game? & # 39; "Barton said. "But there will be nights like that: calls that do not go your way, you're not shooting." That shows the true character. "

Malone added:" Will is a great player of the moment type. And I think he took a step forward in tonight's great moment. "

4. Key statistics. The Nuggets won Saturday night despite having overcome the rebound 52-39, only their Second victory in his last 17 contests when there has been that kind of discrepancy on the boards, Denver, however, won the points in the paint battle 56-52 after losing by a margin of 38-18 at halftime. Nuggets also scored 28 points out of the Lakers' 21 turnovers, while committing 12 turnovers, Los Angeles scored 21 points.

5. Big men, great performances. The complete set of Plumlee was a highlight, given the teammate he replaced in the starting lineup, but Kenneth Faried scored 12 of his 13 points in the third quarter, a stretch when the game almost ran away from Denver, and added nine rebounds. , on the other hand, added 18 p untos, his biggest record of the season, with 6 of 9 shots from the bench.

6. Spin cycle. The most shocking moment of the game came in the third quarter, when Gary Harris aired in the lane, turned fully and then turned the tray.

"I was happy I succeeded," Harris said, "because the coach was crazy if I got lost."

This photo naturally became a popular subject among teammates in the locker room, and led to this fun exchange between Murray and Harris. After saying that the play left him "speechless," Murray yelled at Harris on the opposite side of the locker room "By the way, I was open." The answer of Harris? "My bad".

7. Friends forever. Richard Jefferson played 14 minutes on Saturday against the team led by teammate and close friend, Luke Walton. Walton said Jefferson tries to "poke his punches there whenever he can," even in the middle of the game. But Walton's tone became candid when asked about the impact Jefferson can have on the Nuggets.

"I know he's proud to try to mentor young players," Walton said. "He really enjoys that part of that." It was a smart move for the Nuggets to pick him up and let him help. "

8. A victory is a victory. On paper, two home wins against the Bulls and Lakers under .500 do not. it's a lot for the Nuggets to brag about, but Barton emphasized that circumstances made these wins important, and that they will be useful if Denver still pursues a place in the playoffs.

"These wins will count when we need them," he said. Barton. "You do not want to look back at the end of the year, like we did last year, and say: Man, if we had gotten this victory here. If we had achieved this victory there, it has cost us. Now we are getting those victories … I think the last two games we just won are games that we would have missed last year, for sure. "

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