74-year-old woman accuses Derrius Guice of sexual harassment

A 74-year-old grandmother burst into tears on Friday when she described to lawmakers how she was allegedly sexually harassed by then-LSU star running back Derrius Guice in 2017 while working security at the Superdome, and how the school did nothing about it when she was I inform you. .

“I’m not here just because of myself,” Gloria Scott said, adding that she represents other women who have had similar experiences, or who might in the future if she didn’t speak. “I had to come here today and let everyone know that LSU hides a lot of things. A lot is happening on that campus. He scarred me. “

Guice was a 2018 Washington Football Team second-round draft pick who spent two seasons in the NFL. He was cut off last August on charges of strangulation, assault, battery and destruction of property related to three alleged incidents of domestic violence. He is charged with committing sexual assault three times during his time at LSU and has denied all allegations through an attorney.

Scott’s indictment was previously known, but on Friday he retold his story for the public to hear during the Louisiana Senate Select Committee on Women and Children. The alleged incident was said to have occurred when Guice and his friends were attending a high school football game, he said, according to various published reports.

“I like to fuck women like you older women, because you know that everyone likes young men to fuck everyone,” Scott said Guice told him, according to USA Today. “And you know you want this body.”

Scott said that she asked Guice to stop, but he only became more vulgar, even rubbing his body up and down from his chest to his genitals with a big smile on his face, when he found out she was a grandmother.

“I was so hurt, so nervous and upset,” she said. “In my entire life, I have never had a man or a boy who spoke to me in such a disrespectful way as he did.”

The incident was mentioned in a 148-page report published by a law firm hired to investigate LSU’s response to sexual misconduct cases. Since then, the report has led to the departure of Kansas football coach Les Miles and Oregon State President F. King Alexander, who held the same roles at LSU for most of the investigated years.

Scott said she informed current LSU soccer coach Ed Orgeron of the incident, and he offered to put Guice on the phone to apologize, asking him to “excuse me.” Orgeron denied having spoken to Scott.

Guice was never disciplined for this alleged incident or rape allegations while at LSU, according to the law firm’s findings. Scott said he also took his bullying incident to the police, who did not follow up.

Scott said the harassment went on for four minutes, with Guice’s unidentified friends laughing, until the group left. She claimed that she was later moved from her usual security position at high school games with a warning from her supervisors: “Well, if they find out that you are accusing Derrius, the soccer players might have a reaction.”

He remembered asking, “What do you mean by a reaction to me? I am the victim. “

Louisiana lawmakers vowed to hold LSU accountable.


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