71-year-old Vera Wang received shock on social media on her sports bra photo

71-year-old Vera Wang is known for her stunning designer wedding gown, but after a horror-clad Instagram photo went viral this year, she gained attention for something else: her incredible figure.

In May, about two months before her birthday, the fashion icon posted a photo of herself wearing only a white bra and a pair of white shorts, which stood out to show a white hair clip. The image spread rapidly on the Internet with many expressions Total mistrust At the age of Wang. In June, the day before his birthday, Wang posted another photo of him wearing another bra and leggings, another round of awe.

This week, The people The designer asked about the first photo which got carried away by the discussion. “I was completely surprised,” Wang told the publication. “To be completely honest, the real goal of that picture was [to feature] The hair clips that were in my hair. And hair clips don’t really show well in a photo. So we really had to minimize what I was wearing and focus on my hair and those crystal clips. And the fact that my Palm Angels workout top was so crazy about it. “

Wang told The people She lived behind the scenes wearing celebrities’ clothes or working on the red carpet the trend As an editor in the 1970s. “… So I always thought of myself as someone who was, in fairness, not the creator nor the subject. So it was shocking. I can’t lie to you.”

She also shared her “sporadic” workout habits: “… I mean, I was an elite athlete in my youth. I was a competitive figure skater in the United States and a dancer at the Balkan School of American Ballet. Me Looks like you. Spend the first 16 years of your life being physically engaged, it’s the one thing that stays with you. There’s a muscle memory that goes with that. “

Wang explained his routine, “Sleep is a big part and definitely vodka. Because I mean, it’s just great to be able to relax with cocktails. “

Since the viral post, Wang has continued her show-stopping body, dressing up as Cher on Halloween. “Cheer Halloween to all of you!” Wang wrote on Instagram, calling the singer “an American icon.”

“A new COVID style celebration, but a celebration nonetheless,” she said.

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