7 times the action of Tesla has plummeted

When Goldman Sachs speaks, investors listen.

Goldman badyst Patrick Archambault, who covers Tesla, published a report with an action price target of $ 84, a 34 percent discount at the close of the previous day of $ 127.26. Archambault had presented three scenarios for the company, based on the number of cars it would sell, market share and operating margin. The bullish case of the shares caused the company to reach 3.5 percent of the world market in two categories and 15.2 percent of operating margin, but even so, the shares would only be worth $ 113 per share.

More than five years later, Tesla's operating margin is just over 6 percent, but stocks have soared. And investors quickly found a buying opportunity after the mbadive sale of the Goldman report, which raised shares by 10 percent the next day.

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