7 things to watch when playing football team in Eagles Week 1

For the third time in four years, the Philadelphia Eagles are hitting their regular season schedule with games against the Washington football team. Let’s run through some of the most important things to watch on Sunday as the Birds try to start 1-0 once again.

1 – COVID-19 NFL

There will be no fan in the stand in the FedEx field. And despite playing on the road, it is a loss for the Eagles as a sea of ​​Midnight Green usually washes above the stadium in Landover, Maryland.

Instead, the Eagles and football teams alike will deal with whatever artificial crowd noise is happening through the speakers. It should be determined what it feels like when watching a broadcast at home. The only NFL game we’ve seen so far was hosted by the Kansas City chiefs, who were allowed a few fans in attendance.

We know it’s coming so it’s not a shock, but watching the Eagles play in an empty stadium is going to be really weird.

2 – Offensive line issues from both sides

With Lane Johnson suspected to play, the Eagles may be forced to use the following offensive line configurations:

Left tackle – Jason Peters
Left Guard – Isaac Semlo
Center – Jason Kelce
The Right Guard – Nate Herbig
Right tackle – Matt Prior

The right side is a clear concern there. Herbig, who turned 22 in July, never started. I noticed that he came directly to the camp several times. Prior lacks ideal athleticism to deal with size and is probably a better fit at guard. The Eagles could have opted to throw Jack Driscoll in the mix but he was 3 rookies a day. Anyone remember how Halafulivati ​​Vaitai looked in his first NFL action against Rapal Kerrigan? Oh, no reason.

Maybe Johnson will be able to play. But even if this is the case, one has to find out that he is not 100%. He remained limited in practice throughout the week while recovering from his August ankle surgery.

The Eagles should not even think about what happens if they get another offensive line injury. But it’s not hard to consider when Peters is in danger of leaving the lineup; The 38-year-old has played 100% offensive snaps in just 17 of the team’s last 54 matches. Including just six of the 17 in 2019. Ergo, we can actually see Jordan Melta protecting Carson Wentz’s blinds at some point. Oh, is that so!

It would be so suitable for eagles After all Receivers improve only to fall from the offensive line.

But the Eagles are not the only team preventing issues coming into this matchup. Look at Washington’s starting offensive line:

Left tackle – Geron Christian
Left Guard – Wes Martin
Center – Chase Roulier
Right Guard – Brandon Shroff
Right tackle – morgan musa

I remember when Christian was directly elevated to play as a crook. He could be better than he was then but he is still a weak point. The same goes for Martin, who was ranked 87th out of 89 guards by Pro Football Focus last year. Washington’s left can be just as weak as the Eagles’ right.

The feeling here is that it will be important for each team to start fast. I mean, dua, it is always ideal and important. But unlike other teams, who may be more equipped to erase losses, a bad start could result in a death in the game. Forcing the other side to become one-dimensional and attacking their offensive line seems like a recipe for victory.

Methinks would be sleeping on Jackson’s potential impact. We all know that he played a big game against Washington in Week 1 last year with eight receptions for 154 yards and two touchdowns. I fully expect Jackson to move into this one again. The training camp reminded us that Wentz is absolutely love It’s not hard for Jackson to throw and figure out why: The 33-year-old receiver is always looking for a way to stay open. And not only on deeper patterns but in fact at any level of the field.

Jackson is attracting either Ronald Darby or Fabian Moru along with suspect Kendall Fuller for Sunday’s matchup. Regardless, this is a very exploitative match. Number 11 should look the way to number 10 quickly and often.

And beyond just taking the Wentz-Jackson connection where he left, I’m also talking about picking up Wentz where he left off. He went from stretch to red in 2019. It would be real good to move in 2020.

4 – Dwayne Haskins in Year 2

We all know that Hawkins had poor cheating stats: 58.6% completion percentage, 6.7 yards per attempt, seven touchdowns, seven interceptions and a 76.1 passer rating.

We also know that he played the best football against the Eagles in Week 15: 67.9% completion percentage, 9.3 yards per attempt, two touchdowns, zero interceptions and a 121.3 passer rating.

We don’t know what Huskins will look like in Year 2. One would think that the 23-year-old would take a step forward in his development. Perhaps he will be able to get the ball faster after ranking 25th in average time to throw it as a cheater. Maybe he won’t take so many sacks.

Then. When Hakins is seen making some kind of big jump, it is difficult when someone tests his supporting cast. Seriously, just look at the depth chart of the football team. they have Logan Thomas Starting at the tight end. Dontrelle Inman, who is in his sixth team since 2017, is an early wide receiver for him. Not to mention how Haskins limited the offseason reprises to accommodate Washington’s new offensive plan.

On paper, Haskins is one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the league. It would be very beautiful if he would light it again against the Eagles’ defense.

Initial reports about Reigor’s shoulder injury suggested that he would not play until Week 2 at the earliest. But the No. 21 overall pick from the 2020 NFL Draft is set to play after fully practicing on Thursday and Friday.

It will be interesting to see what his role looks like. Regor, splitting first team representative with JJ Arsaga-Whiteside at the X receiver position in training camp. The Eagles specifically want to manage Reigor’s workload, given how he is coming out of injury.

Rigor did not use too much vertical threat in the camp, despite the fact that he possessed that speed. He was mainly going diagonally in the middle. It will be interesting to see if the game is still in action. Even if he is not catching a deep bomb, Regor can be as dangerous as a YAC weapon.

Michael Kist of BGN Already written about this matchup So I recommend you read it. I just reiterate that Slay is a legitimate No. 1 cornerback who will go a long way for this defense.

Terry McLaurin had 10 receptions for 255 yards and two touchdowns against the Eagles last year. They cannot let him dominate it again. He is the only wide receiver threat they will have to worry about seriously. Even though the Eagles may need Slay’s help many times, just understand it. McLaurin cannot be allowed to break the game.

7 – Antonio Gibson Experiment

Gibson is an intriguing prospect in the NFL Draft in 2020, given that he is being viewed as a receiver / running back hybrid. His efficiency numbers in Memphis were very good! Gibson logged 19.0 yards per reception and 11.2 yards per rush attempt. He scored 14 touchdowns on just 77 total offensive college touches.

How Gibson translates to the NFL and is seen hired to play a big role. The football team clearly realized what they saw to release Adrian Peterson. Washington now hopes to split the backfield touch and Gibson will be in that group. Given how Chris Thompson had upset the Eagles in the past, they better not have slept on Gibson’s explosive ability.

Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz gave his thoughts on Gibson in the first week.

Q. I want to ask you about the rookie that they are probably going to run back Antonio Gibson. You don’t have any pre-season tapes of this kid, so when you were essentially a slot receiver, you had to go through his college tape. Your thoughts on him and the challenge that he and his receiving skills and speed have for your linebackers.

I wouldn’t necessarily assume that he was just a slot receiver last year because he got snaps back. We went back and the way he played in Memphis last year. He is a bit different than some of these others who are running back / wide receivers, because usually they can be a bit on the lighter side and things like that.

This boy is a 6 foot, 230 pound type explosive straight line speed boy. We have to respect him whether he stands in the running position or the position of wide receiver. And when he’s in the open field, you know, we’re going to do a good job and maybe deal with the gang, because we’re not talking about a 180-pound or 190-pound man. We are talking about a guy who is about 230 pounds on Sunday and has speed, if he can remember you for going the distance, but can also use his power and drive people. Could try.

So that’s a bit different. But we would expect them to definitely have a bigger role, and we are just speculating on how they will use them. But we will find out on Sunday.

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