6,500 migrant workers have been euthanized for Qatar’s World Cup dream, report says

At least 6,500 migrant workers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have died during the 10-year construction of Qatar’s 2022 World Cup facilities due to poor working conditions and lack of training, according to the guardian. The shocking figure is likely grossly underestimated because no figures are available on migrant deaths of workers from Kenya or the Philippines.

Massive development work is underway, in addition to the conversion of the Khalifa Stadium and the construction of seven additional World Cup-level stadiums, as well as a new airport, new hotels, new roads and public transportation, and is under construction. a completely new city. for the celebrations of the World Cup final.

Qatar’s human rights record has come under scrutiny since the nation won the bid to host the international event. Amnesty International released a damning report accusing the rich country of lying to migrants to lure them to work. Many workers paid high fees to recruitment companies contracted by the Qatari government to cover transportation and accommodation. Many of them could not pay the fees, so they were granted loans that they had to repay.

Once in Qatar, they are allegedly forced to live in miserable conditions and are often not paid on time or as promised. “Workers often live in cramped, dirty and unsafe accommodation,” Amnesty International reported. “Hiring agents also make false promises about the salary workers will receive and the type of work they offer. A worker was promised a salary of $ 300 a month in Nepal, but it turned out to be $ 190 once he started working in Qatar.

Payments are also often late, leaving workers unable to send money home or make loan payments related to the hiring they were often forced to obtain.

the guardian estimates that in the past 10 years since Qatar won the bid to host the event, an average of 12 migrant workers from South Asian nations have died each week. That number could be double if records of other migrant deaths are released.


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