6 stocks to buy with more than 6% dividend

Outbreak of COVID-19 has a significant impact Dividend shares This year since many companies reduced or suspended their payments to save cash. Two of the most difficult areas were Energy stock And REITs. Investors remain concerned about other payments from industries that have pushed valuations down, leading to yields. This allows investors to offer some compelling dividend yields in those beat-down sectors. Here six stocks are yielding more than 6% which income investors would not like to miss.

Brookfield Property: 9% yield

Brookfield Property (NASDAQ: bpy)(NASDAQ: BPYU) This year has been under pressure as the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted its head office and retail portfolio. However, the company’s offices have functioned reasonably well because the house-to-house trend does not seem to have a long-term impact on them. Meanwhile, sales of its mall properties are recovering, leading to optimism about the region’s future. Add those factors to Brookfield’s strong balance sheet, and the real estate sector has the liquidity to maintain its monster dividend through the current turmoil.

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Brandywin realty trust: 7.5% yield

Brandywin realty (NYSE: BDN) He owns a diverse portfolio of mixed-use office, laboratory, residential, co-working and retail properties in the Philadelphia, DC and Austin markets. These assets have increased significantly, as the company collected 99.5% of the rent during the third quarter. The company’s dividend payout ratio during this period was a conservative 56%. Add it to Brandwyn’s solid balance sheet, according to CEO Jerry Sweeney, and is in “excellent shape”.

Enbridge: 7.9% yield

Canadian energy infrastructure giant Enbridge (NYSE: ENB) This year’s downturn in the oil market has become almost completely immune, as it is on track to achieve the midpoint of its initial cash flow guidance range. Between that and its strong balance sheet, Enbridge’s Monster Dividend is on rock-solid ground. Meanwhile, thanks to its financial flexibility and backlog of commercially secure expansion projects – including many offshore wind farms – it has Lots of fuel to increase your dividend, Which each has done in the last 25 years.

Phillips 66: 6.2% yield

Refine large Phillips 66 (NYSE: PSX) This year has been under some pressure as the outbreak of COVID-19 has reduced demand for gasoline and jet fuel. However, the company still Sufficient cash to cover its dividend was generated in the previous quarter To be in the room, while its top-notch balance sheet helped fill the gap in financing its capital projects. Meanwhile, the company will be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the future COVID-19 vaccine as there should be a rebound in consumption of the refined product. Together They are expected to be shot in the arm this week, Philips 66’s dividend looks safe.

SL Green Realty: 6.6% yield

SL Green Realty (NYSE: SLG) The leading office in New York City is the zamindar, which has been under great pressure from the outbreak of COVID-19. However, the company is still seeing demand for office space, especially from industries where collaboration is important, such as legal, financial and publishing companies. Meanwhile, it is also seeing strong demand for trophy office buildings, as evident from the recent $ 952.5 million sale of 410 Tenth Avenue. That value represented a substantial profit on his investment in the property and was the largest commercial property sale in the US since March. In addition, it would give the office a return of cash to pay down debt and buy back its deeply discounted stock, which would both put its high-yield dividend on a strong foundation.

Williams Companies: 8.1% yield

Natural gas pipeline giant Williams Companies (NYSE: WMB) Is on Track to get the midpoint of your cash flow guidance range Despite all the energy market upheavals this year. Which would provide it with enough cash to cover its big-time dividend with $ 1.2 billion, more than enough to finance its entire development spending program. Given this, and it is likely that the energy market will recover next year, it is paid on a strong basis.

Attractive income streams on sale

Investors have penalized the most energy and real estate stocks this year because the outbreak of COVID-19 had an external impact on those sectors. However, not all dividend reductions are at risk, leaving investors with some compelling income streams in those sectors.

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