6 new COVID-19 deaths in Tolumane County, 6 new cases in Calaveras

Tuolumne County – Public Health reports six deaths of Tolumane County residents, attributed to COVID-19. The state informed Tolumane Public Health about possible COVID deaths that need further investigation. The investigation confirmed these six individuals, who had previously been released from COVID-19 segregation, later died. Individuals include a man in his 60s, two men and a woman in his 80s, and a man and a woman in their 90s.

Today there were 6 new Tolumane County community cases and they all appear isolated. A total of 7 persons have been freed from isolation and currently 4 are hospitalized, down from 6 yesterday.

New community cases include 1 male and 1 female in their 30s, 1 male in their 60s and 2 male and 1 female in 70.

A total of 3,520 cases are divided between 2,279 community cases and 1,241 Sierra Conservation Center prisoner cases in Tolumane County. The total test is 23,986 which is 35 less than yesterday due to data cleanup including removal of duplicates. Total active community cases are listed as 2,116 with 122 active community cases. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation today reported 61 active prisoner cases.

Calaveras county – Calaveras Public Health reports 6 new COVID-19 cases and active cases have increased from 2 to 112. A total of 1,492 are listed as recovered. 4. Report of increase remains at COVID-19 Hospital 4 Kailas residents. A total of 1,626 reported cases with 735 males, 868 females, and 17 genders. The majority, 722 Kovid cases, are in the 18–49 age group, and 376 are listed as 65 years of age. In the Calaveras Public Health Report it has been given 2,321 vaccinations, 121 compared to yesterday, and continues to distribute doses to those people. Characters. Calaveras remains in the purple tier with an average positivity rate of 41.9 cases per day per 100,000 and 11.9% 7-day.

Tuolumne also lives in the purple color of the blueprint for a safe economy color tier system. Officials with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) updated the reporting of toluene in 21.8 new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 per day, and a 5.4% 7-day average positivity rate. The numbers of both Tuolumne and Calaveras have been adjusted due to their low population. Mariposa lives in the red tier.

Under the guidance of the state, the purple tier means:

  • Restaurants may open for outdoor dining
  • Some low-risk youth sports competitions may resume
  • Nail salons and hairdressers can reopen indoors with modifications
  • Gyms can also be operated outside with modifications

Tiers are updated every Tuesday based on the county’s case rate and trial positivity rate.

Vaccines: Tolumane Public Health has continued to distribute vaccines. The most recent description is here. Sonora VA Clinic may be an option for some. For more information navigate online at https://www.va.gov/health-care/covid-19-vaccine/ and read the information and click “Sign up to stay signed up”. Then follow the prompts.

Sign up with one or both lists below, submitting your name does not guarantee appointment for a vaccine at this time.

For vaccine inquiries from the Tuolumne County Public Health Department, visit https://www.tuolumnecounty.ca.gov/1317/COVID-Vaccine, go to the bottom of the page and click “VACCINE INTERNET FORM”, complete the form And click “SUBMIT”

For a list of Adventist Health Sonora Hospitals visit https://www.adventisthealth.org/sonora/patient-resources/covid-19-vaccine/, read the information here and scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Below Click on “. Schedule your appointment “, answer questions and follow the prompts to complete the process of clicking” Submit “

If you are a patient in a clinic outside the clinic’s Adventist system network, you should also call your own clinic for advice and information on your immunization plans.

Calaveras Public Health partnered with Dignity Health Mark Twain Medical Center to vaccinate people living in Calaveras County who are over 65 years of age. Individuals over 65 years of age and older wishing to receive the vaccine should call (209) 754-2564. Callers must provide their full name, date of birth and phone number. COVID-19 vaccines, including their administration, are free of charge. More information on the vaccine stages is given here on our COVID-19 page.

Testing: A mobile COVID-19 test team shared between Tolumne, Mariposa and Calaveras counties and Yosemite National Park. Travel venues, which will be open from 7 am to 7 pm on Mondays in the Groveland Community Hall and Thursday in the Tolumne Memorial Hall. Make appointments up to a week ahead of time on the same LHI website, such as for the Mother Lawd Fairgrounds testing site, which is open 7 days a week: www.lhi.care/covidtesting. More details, including Calaveras test dates, are here in our event calendar.

for more information call: The Tuolumne COVID-19 call center is open during normal office hours to those with questions or concerns, call 209-533-7440 for information. Calaveras has a COVID-19 call center at 209-754-2896, providing community members with verified information about the COVID-19 vaccine, testing, and other frequently asked questions.

If you are having symptoms like COVID, contact your healthcare provider or your local hospital, separate and more information is on the regional website www.valleycovidhelp.com.

County / Date
Is active New cases (Total)
% County Pop
Hospital / ICU (May include non-residents) be released (Considered non-infectious total) The deaths EST. County Pop. (Ave. death all cause / mo.)

Alpine 1/27

Have 1 0 (74)
6.5% pop.
0 0 (73) 0 1,117 (10 *)

Gomorrah 1/27

४ ९ 5 (1,427)
3.6% pop.
12 12 (1,357) 2. 38,531 (30.5)

Calaveras 1/2

112 6 (1,626)
3.6% pop.
4 4 (1,491) 23 44,286 (30)

Madera 1/28

2,485 85 (14,165) 8.8% pop. 42 296 (11,705) 175 160,089 (73)

Mariposa 1/28

12 1 (358)
2% pop.
2 0 (341) 5 17,795 (11 *)

1/28 merged

Is 2,839 204 (26,038) 9% pop. ४ 48 257 (22,850) 349 287,420 (111.7)

Mono 1/28

138 7 (904) 6.4% pop. NA 0 (762) 4 13,961 (10 *)

San Joaquin 1/28

Is 3,375 456 (61,548) 7.8% of pop. 280/84 737 (57,323) 850 782,545 (440)

Stanislas 1/28

Is 2,852 266 (45,264)
8% pop.
302/72 397 (41,597) Is 815 562,303 (419.6)

Tolumane 1/28

119 8 (3,526) 6.6% pop. 4 7 (2,118) ४ 48 52,353 (53.1)
Mdor kept the Mule Creek State Jail out of% of the pop according to his report. Will be 7.4%
Sierra Conservation Center cases would be 4.3% if cases were excluded from Tolumane.
10 * means that the county averages less than 10 deaths per month. For other county-level statistics see our page here.


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