6-3 playoffs rush over highway, Miles Garrett over NFL sack leader board and other takeaways

Cleveland, Ohio – Thanks to their 10-7 win over Texas on Sunday, the Browns are 6-3 on a crowded playoff highway.

They are the No. 8 seed in the AFC for seven playoff spots for the second straight week, but they are one of six teams, 6-3 after Week 10, with a good chance of making a strong playoff stretch. Push .

In fact, it is the first time since the AFC and NFC merger in 1970 that according to the Elias Sports Bureau in a conference there are nine teams with at least six wins through Week 10.

Six teams at 6-3 in order for the NFL’s own seedings Indianapolis (4th), Las Vegas (5th), Miami (6th), Baltimore (7th), Cleveland (8th), and Tennessee (9th) Huh.

Other teams with six or more wins are Pittsburgh (first), Kansas City (second), and Buffalo (3G).

According to Football Outsiders, the Brons’ win over Texas increased their playoff opportunities from 5.3% to 45.3%, but they gained a significant edge over the Eagles (3-5-1) with home games over the next two weeks needed. 1-8 Jaguars.

In fact, the Browns and Raiders have the easiest remaining schedule for the 6-3 teams, with their seven rivals combining for 28 wins. Both teams also have only three remaining winning teams on their time.

Among the other 6-3 teams, here are their playoff prospects according to football players: Baltimore (84%), Indianapolis (82.5%), Las Vegas (69.1%), Miami (65.3%) and Tennessee (55 %%).

It would be too early for the tiebreakers to begin, but among the 6-3 crowd, Brown made a head-to-head mark against the Colts, and still faces the Titans and the Ravens.

In that tilted group, the Colts have the toughest remaining schedule with the Packers (7-2), Titans (6-3) Raiders (6-3) and Steelers (9-0).

The Titans have the next toughest remaining slate, including 32–31 in the Rens (6-3), Colts (6-3), Browns (6-3) and Packers (7-2), and four winning opponents. Is the record. .

The good news for the Brons is that they could gain some ground in the next two weeks at 6-3 clubs and possibly overtake the Ravens for second place in the AFC North. The Bruins face the Eagles 3-5-1 at home on Sunday and then visit the 1-8 Jaguars.

Meanwhile, the Ravens have Titans and Steelers; The Titans have the Ravens and Colts; Colts is the Packers and Titans; And the Raiders heads and Falcons. Only the Dolphins have it as easy as the Browns, 3-6 Broncos and 0-9 Jets over the next two weeks.

Even though they are now looking outward, that should change in the next two weeks.

Maccles Garrett has a slim lead on the sacked leader board

Garrett teamed with Sheldon Richardson for a 5-yard loss to Desan Watson in the first quarter of Sunday’s 10–7 win over Texas to finish first in the NFL with a 9.5. He is half a sack ahead of Ram’s Aaron Donald and Steelers TJ Watt, who finished second with 9.0.

And see who’s behind them with 8.0: former Browns defensive end Emanuel Ogba, now with the Dolphins, who are tied with Green Bay linebacker Zadaris Smith.

Garrett topped his last four matches with 3.5 sacks, but Watt is hot on his mark with 4.5 in his last four games. Watt also twice as many QR hits as Garrett – 28 to 14, but Garrett leads the NFL with four strip-sacks with none of Watt. Meanwhile, Donald has cooled off after notching 4.0 sacks against the Redskins in 5 weeks. In four matches, he has only 1.5, which has enabled Garrett to overtake him.

Stepping out of his video conference on Sunday, Garrett joked, “If you see Sheldon today, tell him it’s a whole sack and not a half (Laughter). “

To which Richardson replied, “Yes, this is one half. They will give him one half (Laughter). “

Richardson is the Browns’ second-leading sack with 3.5, meaning Garrett really had no one to take double-teaming and cheat him. But his teammates are congratulating him for the NFL Defensive Player of the Year.

“He’s doing very well,” said defensive lineman Larry Ogunjobi. Apparently, he is running the passerby very well. He is getting out of his mind. It is really important to be that perfect player. And I am very proud of that. I mean, I think the proof is in the pudding, you turn on the tape, it always shines and always plays. And he is just the player. He is. “

Linemen constantly challenge each other to produce.

We have high expectations from each other. “The sky is the limit” [Garrett]. We want to keep watching him do well and keep him watching the ball, and I know he will. “

Baker Mayfield Area Has Been Harder

The Mavens did not have much opportunity to evaluate Mayfield in the last two games because of strong winds and rain, but they are doing what they could. Every game is important due to narrowing of contract decisions in the offset.

“You evaluate the quarterback on every play,” Stephenski said. “Getting in and out of the right plays. Obviously as soon as you’re closing, you’re grading him. Of course, there were fewer opportunities to throw it, but in those occasions, you’d definitely give him just one. Only give grades. “

Makefield threw some money on Nick Chabidy’s TD-run drive, including a 21-yard run to third on Rusherhard Higgins, but was closed on a few. On the final possession before the half, he threw Brown’s 4 to Texas’ 37, but then threw two wrong balls: a short third-down pass behind Kareem Hunt that he twisted for, but Corral couldn’t, And one over was over. Jarvis Landry heads into fourth place in fourth place.

“Stefanki said,” Yes, it was an act of air, but I could promise you that Baker would take those throws back and complete them. “He is harsh on himself. We are hard on him. I am also realistic to understand. Conditions.”

Steffenski said Mayfield was “ready to climb,” coming out of the byfield: and the Browns are really pleased with their progress. Unfortunately for Mayfield, it has not shown up in statistics recently due to the game’s worsening season. He is currently ranked 24th in the NFL with a 90.0 rating, but should be able to ease the stretch.

Stephansky rejects penalties by Jarvis Landry and Mac Wilson

Stephenski praised smart plays like a nick chub made at the end of the game where he went out of bounds at 1 to clinch the win. He doesn’t like sensational penalties like Jarvis Landry and Mac Wilson drew in such a close, hard-fought game.

Landry punished a 12-yard taunt after taking a big 18-yard catch at third down when the Browns backed. He led 3–0 in the second quarter with his score of 17.

Late in the game, Mack Wilson put Randall Cobb after a 10-yard catch to draw a 15-yard unnecessary roughness call. In the next game, Dehat Watson gave a 16-yard TD pass to former Browns tight end Farrow Brown, who left 4:49 into the game. Chubb and Hunt take him out, running like the wind on the last drive.

Both punishments were very expensive.

“We should be better there,” Stephenski said. We harp a lot on the prenap penalty and then actually those individual foul penalties – 15-yard runs that are too frequent after the play – we can’t do them. Both of those people know that. It is undisciplined that I do not particularly expect those two players. I know they would love to have those plays back. With Mac, there is a physicality that I want to play with these people, but you have to play within the rules. “

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