$ 580 / £ 450 The collector's edition of Dark Souls Trilogy comes with everything but a real bonfire

If you are going to group the three Dark Souls games and your DLC into a mbadive trilogy, you could also give that trilogy the most luxurious collector's edition possible. In the absence of a complete set of plate armor or, failing that, a real fire, the newly revealed European collector's edition for the trilogy of the dark souls is just that

The Dark Souls trilogy went on sale in the USA. UU In October, but European fans will not receive it until May 31. Apparently, as compensation for the delay, Bandai Namco printed 2,000 copies of the Soulsiest collector's edition that I have seen. At an astounding amount of £ 450 (around $ 580), this edition includes:

  • A painted 27.5 "gentleman figure complete with a bonfire Estus
  • Six CDs containing the soundtracks of the three games.
  • A compendium of 460 pages with notes on key elements, a complete bestiary, illustrated maps and a manuscript of all the NPC dialogues of each game.

The trilogy itself comes with Dark Souls: Remastered, Dark Souls 2 and its three DLC, and Dark Souls 3 plus its two DLC. The collector's edition is obviously aimed at unconditional fans, but the trilogy is also an excellent option for newcomers. Hell, if you have not played with all the DLC yet, it's probably worth it just for them. I have half the intention of buying it myself just to have an excuse to play again.

This has been a good month for extravagant collector's editions: check out The Metro Exodus Artyom Edition that is so weird that you can not even buy it.

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