50-year-old Salisbury couple died at the hands of COVID-19, son says :: WRAL.com

– A 48-year-old North Carolina husband and wife died after a fight with COVID-19.

His son, Shane Peoples, said his mother and father, 67-year-old Johnny Lee Peoples, and 65-year-old Kathy Darlene Peoples died last week.

“Their marriage has been 48 years, 50 years,” Peeples said. “They went hands-on for those 50 years.”

Peoples said the deaths marked the end of 30 days after both parents contracted the virus, then declined rapidly. He said that it started only a few days before his mother’s retirement.

“It was mainly fever and loss of taste,” he said. “My dad started showing symptoms two days later. About two weeks later they were both put into the ICU. Everything went south, everything just got worse.”

When the end was visible, people said that the hospital staff did what they could to bring the couple together.

“The next day, they put him in the same ICU room, he put his hands together and gathered the nurses,” he said. “They passed within four minutes of each other. They died holding hands together and went to heaven holding hands,” he said.

His socially perverted funeral was held outside.

People said, if there is one experience for everyone in their family, it is that people need to understand that, in some cases, COVID-19 is a killer.

“I just don’t want to hurt anyone else,” people said. “I don’t want anyone to feel the grief we are feeling.”

In a widely read Facebook post, people took their heart out. He said that his family kept hoping and praying that his parents would be fine, and he never expected that they would not make it.

He also said that his parents had taken the epidemic seriously, but still became ill. He inspired people to wear a mask, wash their hands, practice social disturbances, and be kind to each other.