50 oz silver coin with gold insert commemorates the first man on the moon

Ascension Island 2019 First Man on the Moon 50th Anniversary of the commemorative coin of 50 oz of silver and 1/10 oz of Apollo gold 11 Lunar Landing. Images courtesy of Pobjoy Mint.

Stunning 50 oz coin with 1/10 oz gold insert

Pobjoy Mint are delighted to announce the launch of a surprising new coin commemorating the 50th anniversary of the First Man on the Moon and includes the official NASA logo for which special permission has been granted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration – NASA) at United States of America. This special coin has been produced in 50 oz of Fine Silver, to represent the 50th anniversary, with the Planet Earth inserted in Fine Gold that offers a unique view of our planet from the Moon.

Apollo 11 released from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on July 16, 1969 and landed on the moon four days later, on July 20. Having landed on the moon Sea of ​​tranquility, the Space center in Houston was notified with the historical words "The eagle has landed". Six hours after landing, Neil Armstrong He took his first steps on the lunar surface making the infamous statement "A small step for man, a great leap for humanity". The planting of the flag of the United States on the surface of the moon marked the victory of the United States of the "Space Race" between the United States and the United States. Soviet Union, which had begun in 1955.

With its direct link to the Apollo 11 mission, it is particularly appropriate that this coin be launched on behalf of the Government of Ascencion Island. The devil's ashtray On the east side of Ascension Island, it was a perfect site to build a NASA tracking station. With volcanic peaks surrounding the site, it provided a natural shield against radar and other interference from other places on the island. Originally built in 1965 to support the previous Surveyor missions, he also supported the later deep space and manned missions by Apollo and tracked Apollo 11 on its flight from Earth to the Moon.

The design of the same coin recreates this transcendental occasion with an astronaut standing on the surface of the moon while saluting the American flag. the Eagle The lunar module can be seen in the background. The planet Earth can be seen in the distance that shows the continents of North and South America.

The coin has been struck with 50 ounces of silver .999 and presents Planet Earth as an insert of 1/10 oz of gold, which makes this a unique version of this impressive coin that commemorates a truly historic event. This view of the Earth reproduces the image that is shown on the medal that accompanied the astronauts in their historical mission. The logo of NASA is also shown. Each coin is numbered individually to improve the limited edition of this coin.

International Coin Alliance In the United States it is the exclusive global distributor of this spectacular coin. If you wish to inquire about this currency, contact the International Coin Alliance directly at +1 612-712-2777.

Currency specifications

Metal: Silver .999, Gold .9999
Diameter: 100.00 mm
Weight: Silver: 1,555.18 g; Gold: 3.11 g
Emission limit: fifty


Each coin is presented in a specially made wooden box with golden ornaments and is completed with a numbered certificate that matches the number individually engraved on the coin.

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