50 Best Movies of 2020 in America: 50-41 | movie


Creep camp

One of Netflix’s many eye-opening documentaries of the year takes a look at a freewheeling camp for people with disabilities, which turned into a result with activists from a revolutionary group. Read full review


the lodge

An adventurous, short horror film from the creators of the equally dour Goodnight Mummy, which Riley Keefe is trapped in a remote cabin with her new boyfriend’s children, a situation that would go from bad to worst to very fast. is. Read full review


Palm Springs

Kristin Miliotti and Andy Samberg in Palm Springs Photo: Jessica Peres / AP

Andy Samberg and Kristin Millioti are heavy wedding guests who find themselves trapped in a groundhog day-time time-loop in a fun twist on traditional romantic comedy. Read full review


High note

A mildly catchy LA-set comedy about the relationship between Tracy Ellis Ross channeling her mother Diana and a diva-ish singer played by an aspiring assistant Dakota Johnson. Read full review


Sylvie’s love

Tessa Thompson and Nanamadi Asomugha in love with Celevi
Tessa Thompson and Nanamadi Asomugha in love with Celevi Photo: Sundance Film Festival

A loving tribute to both Hollywood romance and the so-called “pictures of women” of the 50s and 60s, a dazzling Tessa Thompson is married, pursuing a career in TV and a slow burn and one from her past Romance with Cutie ceased. Nnamdi played by Asomugha. Read full review


Boys kingdom

An eye-opening film about a government role-playing event organized by the US military to teach children how politics works. The Texas version is explored here, with debate and power struggles reaching a crescent in a mock election. Read full review


White riot

Documentaries about the racism movement that helped stem the growing wave of far-right support in Britain in the 1970s, with its benefits featuring Giggs of the Clash and the Tom Robinson Band. Read full review


Perfect candidate

Al Zahrani found in The Perfect Candidate
Al Zahrani found in The Perfect Candidate Photo: PR

The fourth feature of Wajdaja director Haifa al-Mansoor returns home to a Saudi filmmaker for a politically neglected drama that seeks to interrogate the country’s alleged new liberalism after a woman doctor’s attempt to flee the office to visit Is denied permission. abroad. Read full review



A Brazilian horror-western with an extraordinary horror tone directed by Kleber Mendonca Filho and Juliano Tornales. A woman returns to a distant city – the fictional settlement of Bakrau – who appears to have fallen away from the map, as a violent group of foreigners gather nearby. Read full review



Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss starred in a fictional biopic as horror writer Shirley Jackson (best known for The Lottery), who speculates about what happens when a younger couple husband Stanley (Michael Stuhlberg) interrupts his domestic life. Read full review

Check back in the coming days and weeks as we update this list and reveal our choice for the top film of the year.

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