5 WWE Superstars who are closer to The Undertaker in real life

For over three decades, The Undertaker has communicated his secrets and fears in the eyes of the WWE Universe with Aurora that changed the atmosphere of every region, making him feel his presence. Even though Deadmen are afraid of the public, they still receive. Much respect from his fans and colleagues.

Many argue that the 7-time WWE World Champion is the greatest for a pair of wrestling shoes, and why it is not hard to fathom. Very few people have been loyal to the business and to WWE as The Deadman.

Even though he played the mysterious character for more than two decades, fans flare up with excitement when they hear echoes throughout the arena, followed by a blackout.

The Undertaker also declined an offer from WCW, WWE’s biggest rival, claiming to remain in Vince McMahon’s company instead. Phenom is also known to strictly follow Kafbe’s rules, as he was rarely seen breaking the character during a match or segment, although he has given it a bit of rest in recent times.

We recently got to see another human side, but it wasn’t until his career was approaching its end. The Undertaker is a future WWE Hall of Famer, and there is no doubt about it. He is not only an influence on the public, but he is an influence on everyone in the locker room.

The Deadman struggled for years with many greats such as The Nature Boy, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Sean Michaels and he went on to establish a close relationship with most of them.

The Undertaker kept his secret for so long that a lot of fans still don’t know much about the character behind. Today we look at five WWE superstars The Undertaker are close in real life.

# 5 Shane McMahon

Undertaker and Shane McMahon have been friends for more than two decadesPublished 31 July 2020, 01:56 IST


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