5 things to know for August 14: elections, coronaviruses, stimulation, midian, sports

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1. Election 2020

2. Coronavirus

Russia has offered to help the US deliver the coronavirus vaccine, but the US does not have it. Remember, Russia said this week that it had developed a vaccine, but medical experts and US officials are doubting its effectiveness and the level of scientific rigor in its testing. Meanwhile, the British government has still achieved 90 million doses of the two vaccine candidates in clinical trials. And if you think natural herd immunity will protect us before a vaccine wills, think again. When about 70% to 90% of the population is immune to a disease, and Drs. Anthony Fauci says the virus allows them to reach thresholds that can lead to mass death. Things are already looking bad: the CDC is now about 189,000 American coronoviruses to die by September 5; The current US death toll is around 167,000.

3. stimulation

Congress faces a harsh reality. After several weeks of useless negotiations, any action on the new stimulus package will probably have to wait until early September – very soon. This means no more relief checks, no small business assistance, nothing for at least a few weeks. And many people are still in pain, even for the first time since March, unemployed claims fell below 1 million. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell felt the Senate would join the House for the rest of August, until a deal was reached. Still, Republicans and Democrats are no closer to an agreement than last month. Oh, and now there are concerns that aggravated negotiations may run against a growing government shutdown deadline that reaches its peak in the election season.

4. Middle East

Israel and the United Arab Emirates have agreed to normalize relations in a historic war. As part of the peace deal, Israel has agreed to postpone attachment plans on the West Bank, an arrangement that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says is only temporary. The UAE and Israel also plan to exchange embassies and ambassadors. While some world powers such as Egypt and Britain have described the deal as a step towards peace in the Middle East, Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas called the peace deal a “betrayal of Jerusalem”. The PA also announced that it was immediately withdrawing its ambassador to the United Arab Emirates in response to the deal.

5. college sports

The NCAA has officially canceled the Fall Championship in all sports, possibly pushing them into the spring. But the governing body of college sports does not actually regulate college football (conventions in the Football Bowl system), so there may still be gridiron action – perhaps. Some major conferences have already postponed their sessions and may follow more suit, derailing the whole thing. This would have far-reaching consequences, including hours upon hours of long-term broadcast time. A complicating factor of these decisions? College athletes do not get paid. However, a group of senators have announced plans to introduce a “College Athlete Bill of Rights” aimed at compensating college athletes amid pressure to play during the epidemic.


Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are expecting their third child

Many celebrities have recently brought out good news!

Fatburger owner buying Johnny Rockets for $ 25 million

The story carries the word “Burger Merger”, which is fantastic.

AMC is reopening its theaters next week with 15-cent tickets

They are promoting it as “films in 2020 at 1920 prices”. (And 2020 air conditioning, expected.)

Was the UK’s first ‘socially perverted’ concert … which was quite fascinating to watch

Needless to say, there were no mosh pits.

A scientist found a tongue-eating parasite in the mouth of a fish

Yes it’s fine No more new nightmares for the rest of the year. If you are a nightmare creature who wants to participate in this season of planet Earth, we are sorry, but applications are closed.

in today’s date

$ 2 million

The judicial department recently seized cryptocurrencies from terrorist groups in the Middle East, marking the largest US government takeover of online terrorist financing.

Today’s date

“We have things flying at our military bases and places where we are doing military exercises, and we have no idea what it is and it’s not ours, so that’s a valid question to ask.”

Sen Marco RubioThe chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which voted back to the Pentagon and the intelligence community in June to publicly analyze the video of the unidentified flying object. The Pentagon is now forming a task force to investigate the items.

Today’s weather

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And finally …

Down in front!

This happened back in July but we are one of the best “video call interrupting pets”. (Click here to see.)

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