5 suspected COVID-19 cases at the same EMS station in Astoria, Queensia

Astoria, Queens (WABC) – FDNY says they have five suspected cases of COVID-19 at the same EMS station in Queens.All five members of the department are on medical leave from EMS Station 49 at 25-3 Hoyt Avenue.

Last week, the NYPD announced that they had 36 suspected cases in the first week of October.Related NYPD reviews suspected COVID-19 cases in October

FDNY and EMS medical leave is still less than 3%.

FDNY states that the department is closely monitoring the situation and is currently contacting tracing and testing.

He said that the following efforts are being made to include COVID within the department level:

-PPE / sanitizer / training is provided to all FDNY members.
-All FDNY locations and equipment are cleaned regularly.
Since the onset of the epidemic, the department has produced extensive training and messages for all members on COVID response and mitigation.
-Dipbox continues to produce messaging that reminds all members of the critical importance of face coverings.

More than 5,000 FDNY members have been diagnosed with COVID since March.

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