5 Scariest Creatures in Star Wars


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Across the plethora of planets in the Star Wars galaxy, there are countless species that populate the universe. Some are adorable, like Ewoks and the Porgs. Others are pretty gross, like Jabba the Hutt and Watto.

And then there are the terrifying creatures that no one would want to come face to face with.

From the caves of Both to the deepest recesses of a space asteroid, Star Wars has no shortage of disgusting, vile, and scary creatures.

Whether the films are exploring sand, snow, or space, the are hazards everywhere dangerous to Rebels and Imperials alike. Some of the creatures are frightening a enough to make a Jedi squirm.

Even though the Saga has a lot of high-concept fantasy fare, some of the creature designs are straight out of horror movies. And while mynocks and acklays are the stuff of nightmares, they’re not even the scariest creatures in the Star Wars galaxy.

Read on to find out what we think are the most horrifying creatures in the Star Wars saga.

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