5 Reasons Why Pixel 5 Can Defy Your Expectations [Video]

It’s hard to deny that with Pixel 5, Google has taken a completely different – and somewhat confusing – path, which we expect to be a “flag” given recently. At first glance, it feels like a swing and a miss. However, sometimes it takes a step back to actually see the bigger picture, and by doing so you can see why the Pixel 5 might Till here Defy the expectations of even the most enthusiastic Android enthusiast.

First of all, if you only have a bleeding edge or internal tech on your device, you simply won’t enjoy the Pixel 5. Personally, I agree to the extent that the Pixel 5 is nowhere near the “peak” pixel you can buy in 2021. This honor still pertains to the Pixel 4 XL, and in some specific ways, even the Pixel 3 XL brings the very best of new hardware.

A phone is not used on paper, nor is the raw specifications a great experience. There are a lot of tools you can probably think of. Of course, it is your prerogative to get the best bang for your buck, but the Pixel 5 may exceed your prior belief or expectations, and we have many reasons.

pay attention: We won’t discuss the camera, as it is a bit obvious to do that the Pixel series is still using the three-year-old Sony IMX 363 sensor – which still defies expectations. So that the table is closed to start.

Video – 5 Reasons Pixel 5 Can Defy Your Expectations

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Show off

Ahead of the launch there was an expectation that we might see a Pixel 5 XL model, but those hopes were dashed as only one size was offered. The Pixel 4a 5G fills well, but an out-and-out is not the same as the larger Pixel 5. It also means that the Pixel 5 is topped with a 1080p panel, as QHD + is the first skipped flagship Google phone. While Pixel-Pepper would be annoyed, it really is The best Display on Google smartphones to date.

For the first time on Android devices, you are actually getting similar bezels on all sides. It’s amazing to think that it has grown so long, but it is one of the best quality life additions of the Pixel 5 series. This slightly OLED is also a solid panel – sure it’s not the best, but the 90Hz refresh rate, color accuracy, and day-to-day experiences are simply fantastic.

The display brightness can perform with a small bump on the next iteration, but it is bright enough and usable in all but blazing sun conditions. The viewing angles are superb, which means that it is not a problem to separate the Pixel 5 in different locations. This is just a really excellent performance that sounds as good thanks to the dynamic 90Hz refresh rate.

Performance level

People questioning the use of Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipset instead of Snapdragon 865 are within their right to do so. Make no mistake, it’s a step down on the Pixel 4K Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, but it may not be a big thing unless you’re a “power user”. Obviously, some question marks remain at the level of performance for a longer period of time, but for reference, the Pixel 3A is still running well after almost two years. We want to wager Pixel 5 would be better thanks to 8GB RAM.

We will not insult your intelligence, if you plan to play 3D games at the highest frame rate or want to exclude tons of videos from your smartphone. Definitely go out of your budget and grab a device with a better chipset if you just need to be able to do those things. However, if you are doing nothing more than texting, calling, browsing, streaming video and common tasks, you will be happier.

The level of performance shouldn’t really allow either, as the Pixel Experience is relatively light, and although it’s not the most feature-rich, it also runs well on older, comparable internals. Over time, you can see some dips, but not to the detriment of the Pixel 5, until your overall expectations become relative.

Small form factor

Despite packing in a 6-inch panel, the Pixel 5 is almost unexpectedly smaller than you might have realized. The use of small, uniform bezels and punch-hole display notches on all sides means that when you get a decent-sized practical area, the chassis is more compact than yours.

To put this in perspective, the performance on the Pixel 5 is actually larger than on the Pixel 2 XL – all the while a few frames frame wholesale. Slap on a case, and it still seems much smaller and wider than the competition. It is easy to see the appeal of a slab-style smartphone, but a well-refined, small piece of technology will always be an excellent choice.

Soft curves help build a nest in your hand, no matter how big your points are. For those – like myself – with big hands, this is more than one usable. It is missing from many allegedly “flagship” Android devices, and is one of the more endearing aspects of the Pixel 5.

Durable construction

Yes, the Pixel 5 may defy your expectations of what “sustainable” means in 2021. Glass sandwich designs aren’t going anywhere, as it may scream “premium”, but the Pixel 5 has a unique makeup and finish that may prove to be more. Durable in the long term.

Moving away from a glass rear panel and an aluminum unibody gives me a “comfortable” bio-resin finish. It just seems like soft-touch plastic, but plastic or polycarbonate should never be considered negative unless it is spoiled – and it’s done well here. This is quite horrifying, which should mean that the drops are not a problem, although I have dropped the Pixel 5 in no case and, to save on some very minor scams, it is unsaturated. Larger drops will dent or chip instead of scattering and breaking, which is a big bonus.

I don’t like the Pixel 5’s baby, and the big bonus here is that the bio-resin coating adds IP68 water and the aluminum frame’s dust resistance. Some people have complained about issues with the screen assembly and the lag between the corners of their Pixel 5, but this is not something that would be widespread four months after its release.

Battery longevity

After years of what we would call “middling” batter longevity, the Pixel 5 packs in a massive 4,000mAh internal cell. It is often expected with a pixel that battery life will be prematurely “incompatible”. Luckily, you can actually meet those expectations with the Pixel 5.

It is not the longest-lasting smartphone, but it must survive even a few brutal days of use. The slightly lower resolution FHD + panel helps ensure that the lifespan is not sacrificed to provide just a few extra display pixels. As long as you stick to your device’s display for eight hours per day, the latest pixels may have a hang to hang with some headroom.

Should I still choose or consider Google Pixel 5?

In our full review of the Pixel 5, we stated that by reducing many predefined expectations, Google has “managed to provide both in a package that makes some sense at its proposed price-point.” That is still true some four months down the line.

If you slow down to state-of-the-art specifications, but slow software updates, or the highest resolution display, and have enough cameras to cover almost every focal length we can use on smartphones, look elsewhere. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is one such option, but the Pixel 5 gives you the fun, taste, and camera you need for $ 699 from many retailers including Amazon, B&H Photo, Best Buy, Verizon, and more. is.

Have you picked up Google’s latest device? How is it treating you? Tell us in the comment section below!

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