5 NFL draft picks for the 49ers

The NFL 2019 draft is vital for a 49ers team that wants to compete for the Super Bowls in the near future.

The San Francisco roster is not very good on the surface, but that is partly due to the lack of experience and consistency of some of the talent in the depth chart. They may have future starters in key places on the list, but that can not stop the 49ers from addressing those positions.

The uncertainty up and down the list leads to some interesting questions for the main office that goes to the draft. We have some predictions about how San Francisco could operate in the three-day draft as of April 25:

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It's not exactly risky here, especially if quarterback Kyler Murray goes first to the Cardinals in general. On the other hand, Bosa goes No. 1 and dramatically changes things for the 49ers. There may not be another rider worthy of the No. 2 selection, and Alabama defensive lineman Quinnen Williams is another popular name among the top three. If San Francisco does not have the opportunity to take Bosa, they will reach a bit for an edge runner at No. 2, or they will exchange some points and address a player like Montez Sweat of the State of Mississippi or Florida Brian Burns.

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